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superlearner academy

How to join the the Superlearner academy

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The superlearner academy snippet. Your no.1 goal is to figure yourself out:

Decide who you are and then learn accordingly.

Start to learn from going backwards.

If you don’t want to read this article, at least download this document and start to write down your path.

Figure yourself out – and then start scraping that information what you need to learn to achieve it.

Download it by clicking this link

Define who you are then learn accordingly Resizeimage 9 1 300x228, Inex Life

The superlearner academy is the term of the manifesto. In my last article I wrote about that superlearning is ought to be a lifestyle thing more than anything else.

It is very narrow to consider it as a speed – reading and memorization skill.

We think that at least these points should be taken into consideration when you consider yourself a member of a superlearner academy:

  1. It means to love your education because it means enhancement in life
  2. It means eliminating ergo using Via negativa method a lot, since what you do is connecting the dots backward, so you need to avoid a lot in order to get what you want. Learn to say NO, it’s helping a lot!
  3. Superlearner masters his or her mind or at least attempts to, wholeheartedly for all his life.
  4. Education is about finding one’s fulfillment
  5. The education of a superlearner is leveraging education – is about finding a leverage to learn and do things the smart way.

So, let’s talk now, about rule no.1 for how to become a member of superlearner academy.

Superlearner academy – the Rule number one

“If you apply yourself to study you will avoid all boredom with life, you will not long for night because you are sick of daylight, you will be neither a burden to yourself nor useless to others, you will attract many to become your friends and the finest people will flock about you.”  Seneca

To become a superlearner is to become someone who loves learning by all her heart to the very last breath she takes. It’s not good and gone – getting a paper from the educational institution and be done with learning.

That is fine, but the question occurs – what learning is the right learning? And how to learn in order to achieve fulfillment in life?

After all, isn’t it all we can hope for in this universe – fulfillment in life, the tranquility of a mind and joy in the present moments.

Underneath of all superlearning hard work lies the essence of the decision. Under “super” in “superlearning” I understand the traditional Latin translation meaning “above” learning.

Learning means just a knowledge or skill acquired by instruction or study in general terms. Or it’s an act of experience one senses when he or she learns.

But, it can be any learning – for fun, for intellectual means or studying hard, but completely missing out the big picture. It is the learning what other people tell you to learn as if you were a passive, not a biological creature but a machine.

The crucial essence in the super of superlearning is being in a control of what and how you learn.

So, the no. 1 rule of the members of superlearner academy is to be in charge of thy learning.

Start from going backwards – decide who you are and then learn accordingly.


superlearning academy


The decision

It’s not an easy task to truly decide who you are, who you want to be. But, who’s going to do that for you? Actually, it’s in your interest to decide for yourself, because if you won’t, someone else will.

And the incompetence, inability, and passivity usually mean weakness and delusion coming from it.

What’s the process?

Well, it’s not that easy. In the beginning, you have some predeterminations or dependencies we are all born with – the family, culture, customs in the country we happen to live in.

The language of love is different than the language of an ego.

It’s not an easy task to raise a child even for resourceful and conscious parents, so what if the folks are unconscious, troublesome human beings, you know?

But, there’s the time in our lives when we become fully responsible for our own lives.

Bill Gates had this quote that

If you are born Poor its not your mistake, but if you die poor its your mistake

There’s the time when you will need to take a decision upon your life’s trajectory and the trajectory of your education. As you notice we consider these two terms as being equal – life and education.

I respond brilliantly to this man’s voice and tonality, I mean the intonation. If you can’t stand him, then go find something on youtube, there’s a plethora of different meditation & relaxation stuff out there.


You might say and what the heck this has got to do with the superlearner academy thing?

Well, it’s very important to find the means and the endpoint of your learning.

I want you to try to visualize it, to grasp it, to really see it.

My favorite method of visualization is closing my eyes, counting Silva’s style transferring me slowly to Alpha mode. And then I picture the big white screen of my life, I call it. And on that big screen, there’s my life of wonders and great things I want from this world.

Nikola Tesla had a term about, something like a television of dreams, I don’t remember exactly. He was known for having a splendid visualizing capacity.

For the people not so dreamy, you can divide your screen into two parts – one side that resembles your current situation and other that is your ideal world. This side of visualization can sometimes trigger the pointers where is it still bugging you.

Ok, if you don’t like this, then you probably stopped reading it anyway, but just for once make time for yourself and try to figure this crucial question for you:

Who do I want to become?

superlearning academy

Defining yourself and researching

Usually, it is so simple and we want the same old things:

  • We want to become rich and famous.
  • We want to be healthy and full of energy
  • Have better relationships with our loved ones,
  • Have more freedom
  • Acquire thoughtful experiences like there’s a sense of living (like we’re making a history)
  • We want to feel safe and cozy
  • Or we want to have freedom from this ever going “I want, I want…” and just be tranquil.

In the western hemisphere, we have some patterns of existence I can’t imagine living without. The day is 24 hours long. I sleep for roughly 7 hours and I am cranky if it’s less. Yes, I want to sleep well, I should add it to the list probably.

Then there’s work for 8 hours or more and this time you truly want to enjoy it since it’s 1/3 rd of your daytime. And you want to have a good day, because if you have good days – it means you have a good life. Well, considering that you don’t have a diagnosed depression and you lost that ability to look back on past days with joy.

And then there’s 1/3 rd of your time for everything else – family, friends, sports, pets, home, your yard, getting choirs done or man –  a lot of stuff.

Start finally…

I guess you can set up a first dependency that is going to make your life much easier.

You’re not going to be perfect in everything. And that’s the point. You need to excel in stuff that’s making your life a success. And success is highly customizable even though there is a strong influence of this strong metanarrative western story of – you know the American dream.

You can be broad or you can be highly specific.

Well, feel the difference between:

broad: I want to be successful financially a.k.a. I want to be rich


exact: I am making $10,000 per month.

But, the big defining statements are ok to be broad. It’s just like a constitution of a nation. General,   constitutional laws are defined concisely – the details are to be specified by a single law that changes in time and space.

The point is to narrow down your brain’s focus. Because our brains can get in just a limited number of data. At least there’s a limited number of data that creates the image of a reality.

Because what we see is not the real reality of the universe, but just its image.

Once your brain knows what to look for, it will reward you greatly.

It’s a trigger, it’s a filter, once you set it up, it looks for data like no Google algorithm can (yet).

I want to be successful – I see the pictures of successful people in magazines and different media.

Where am I now, at what stage? (no judgment, it’s just logical somehow)

Do I have any relatives or idols out there (maybe on the youtube) that I can follow and model their patterns of behavior?

All right now, go figure it out by filling the paper!

Do some work, it’s the most valuable thing that you can ever do.


Define who you are then learn accordingly Resizeimage 9 1 300x228, Inex Life






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