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Learning for the 21st century – Rich and poor of the 21st century.

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Learn to lead a rich life instead of getting rich

Learning means living

Learning does not end up with school – degree – it’s just signaling. You get a paper on your intellectual establishment. And go get a job… 

21st Century is disrupting education systems and it will get more intense. The process of education system democratization is underway and won’t stop. 

We’re thinking of learning out of schools

Where learning is the most valuable asset that can improve your life for the better.

Bill Gates said that If you are born Poor its not your mistake, but if you die poor its your mistake”.

Yes, people are not born equally by material circumstances, intellectual capabilities and etc. 

But, everyone is eligible for growth – to get better than yesterday. 

We agree that though not everyone is destined to become rich in western – cultural sight, we should strive and learn in order to live a rich life. 

how to lead a rich life

Learning how to lead a rich life

We can talk a bit about terms rich and poor for a little. 

Money and consumerism had hijacked the meaning of the word “rich”. In the West when we say of someone that he’s rich – we think in terms of consumerism – his needs are expressed in a plentiful, abundant way. 

There’s room to express identities in the social hierarchy by the meaning of possession. For instance, BMW is not 2 or 3 times a better car than Mazda, but when you buy BMW you’ll buy a certain identity or belonging, something that is of meaning in the social hierarchy.   

Being “poor” on the other hand might mean the inability to fulfill even the functional means of consumerism like being really unable to even buy a car. 

But, even more, we think of poor people when basic human needs are endangered – like inability to provide vital needs like food or proper clothing. 

We believe that the term “rich” is destined to change in fashion. 

The reasons for this are:

  1. Consumerism does not buy happiness
  2. More and more people globally are getting away from a “poor” zone
  3. Rise of global topics stemmed from necessities like Global Warming
  4. Technology – sharing economy in particular

Rich as of pure consumerism will prevail in terms of “super – rich” – billionaires. But, such a lifestyle will become foreign to masses and can’t set a trend. 

Consumerism does not buy happiness, which seems to be the highest value of mankind at least in liberal values.  

Of course, different hierarchical regimes might think otherwise, but if liberal democracy is still in the lead of global culture – happiness and unique personal experience are still in charge. 

In Erich Fromm’s tradition being rich anchors itself in humanizing well – being. 

He says that the full humanization of man and thus the goal of mankind requires the breakthrough from the possession-centered to the activity-centered orientation, from selfishness and egotism to solidarity and altruism. 

This goal is more and more possible because of more people getting from absolute poverty. Even that we feel the rise of inequality, particularly in rich states, we have data to back the unprecedented rise of the population from the poverty line level. 

Consumerism will be hindered and transferred through the rise of global warming activism and lastly technology particular sharing economy is disrupting consumeristic experiences. 

How to lead a rich life

How to lead a rich life rather than to get rich materially

It does not have to be riches of Bill Gates, although with learning he acquired his possessions. 

It does not have to be of monetary means only. 

We can speak of leading a rich life as the ultimate goal of human existence rather than to get rich. 

Getting rich is possessing, were to lead a rich life is doing and being. 

Erich Fromm concludes that 

The goal of living [is] to grow optimally according to the conditions of human existence and thus to become fully what one potentially is; to let reason or experience guide us to the understanding of what norms are conducive to well-being, given the nature of man that reason enables us to understand.

From experience, we know that possessions and acquiring more and more in terms of consumerism do not bring happiness, but acquiring more experiences does. 

Jim Carrey, Inex Life

The rich of the 21st century is built through habit setting.

To lead a rich life – it’s possible by shaping oneself through implementing good habits.  

An individual must become a shapeable, ever – learning creature in all spheres of human existence. 

Learning must be about goals and building a well – organized and expressed life. 

Learning for learning is a waste of time.  

What goals do you have at this moment you want to start working on?

What new habits could bring rich experiences into your life?

We suggest you start taking care of your health

EPM framework book

Energy & Health – it endorses one the most nature’s ultimate goal of preservation and especially in humans –  longevity. 

Without proper health, you can’t lead a rich life anymore. You’re missing out. We can argue whether Stephen Hawking was still living abundantly. Though his body was disabled, totally corrupted by a disease, he still declared the freedom of his mind. 

His mind was capable of brilliant things, but we can’t speak of ultimate physical outer freedom. 

Without a nanny, he would not be able to make a doorstep. It’s not just your physique, it’s more your mind & body connection. 

We know because of a stud like Wim Hof that mind is over matter. 

Reverse – engineer yourself from ideal you. 

The Habits you can incorporate : 

  • Food reduction intake via certain food programmes like intermittent fasting and etc. –  as fasting seems to endorse longevity
  • Detox regularly or eat just fruits and vegetables
  • Resistance training – breathing & cold water
  • Consider everything as a muscle – practice body and mind 
  • Practice mindfulness & gratitude, meditation, present moment
  • Tame your mind through productive philosophies like Stoicism 
  • Setup a minor motivation system for you, but do not get overwhelmed by it. What do we mean by that? Simply love the process, buy yourself a little treat when you accomplish your daily tasks. 

For more take our EPM book for help. 

Rich life means to focus on work, money just follows

In order to lead a rich life, one must love what she’s doing. But, in order to prosper financially, this has to be bound to the value – utilization of others. For those who reach this state, the money will follow. 

The best way how you shape your financial and professional well – being in the 21st century is through learning. 

The algorithm is always:

  • Your personal characteristics / knowing yourself – This can be for me? 
  • Curiosity and opportunity-seeking – evaluating problems (opportunities) – I can see value if I participate
  • Decomposing and planning – setting goals – Exact vision of what I am going to do
  • Gathering information on how to reach a goal – researching, getting resources.
  • Applying the information under current circumstances thus creating a knowledge –  action 
  • Retrospection of knowledge and recursion – building connections from the past 

Let’s take coding, for instance, the hyped skill of the 21st century. You can learn yourself to code, but what is the best application of this skill within your personal characteristics? 

Do you have a sense of design? Are you an artistic person, do you have a strong feeling for user interface or are you more math and analytical that you know how to handle data. 

See, learning a skill is just one side of things.

The application of it is other. One country prospers more than the other because it applies technology and creates knowledge.

Every country, even North Korea does have access to technology, but it applies poorly – hence creates less value than in the United States. 

Through riches are built through knowledge and knowledge is always bound to experience.

You will learn Python to code, but what are you going to do with it is the question. You become valuable by delivering Python solutions across a set of different value chains.

The Habits to incorporate: 

  • Build a habit of goal setting – short term goals and long term ones
  • Set a habit of asking open questions to boost your thinking
  • Learn to accept your current life’s situation, but it does not mean you should be happy with everything in your life (if your homeless obviously something is wrong)
  • Establish your prime productive hours and implement total focus then
  • Read or learn a skill for 2 hours a day
  • Build a concept map of your goal-oriented learning and update it regularly. Fill in mentors
  • Journal about your life’s situations, audio record yourself if you do not fancy writing

For more take our EPM book for help. 

Restaurant 690975 1280 1024x676, Inex Life

To lead a rich life means adequate social life

To lead an adequate social life means to honestly care about other people. 

The loving and caring relationships have to begin with the love of life itself. 

On the one hand, we should strive to live a life under our own terms, on the other hand, human relationships are full of compromises we have to undertake. 

There’s a goal of understanding and acceptance of unique personal characteristics of other people we have to remind ourselves always. 

Let’s forget about being perfect beings. After all, we are only humans. 

In social relationships, the only thing you can fully control is yourself – yes, I guess you can manipulate other people, but do ya? 

Once you’re ok, the probability that your surroundings will be ok is much higher. We humans have something like mirror neurons – we evolve with each other and we’re used to mimicking behaviors of other people, especially those close to us. 

Yet, the topic could be attenuated to being conscious – to be an active observer of your mental processes (thoughts, thinking patterns), and to become a student of emotional intelligence. 

The Habits to incorporate: 

  • Build a habit of looking at yourself from a third party perspective – watch yourself
  • Practice listening to others – try to listen more than speak
  • Build up confidence habits – like remind yourself to hold a good posture
  • Do not lie and speak honestly – be honest to yourself and speak your thoughts clearly
  • Set clear rules of the game so people know beforehand that you’ll be mad if they act as you told them not to – this is true especially in families
  • Build a habit to spend 2 hours with your kids even if you are super busy at work 
  • Build togetherness – turn off that smartphone when you are with them
  • Catch up with people you care about, even if they do not catch up with you – if you can’t meet up physically  at least call them or text some neat lines via social channels

These are just some strategies that can help you lead a richer life. Download our app and you will get our habits packed book for FREE. And let’s start to build a self – organized and well – expressed thus rich life together. 

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