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Learning vs performance | One more push-up is not enough

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Learning vs performance – what do we mean by that

Let’s talk work for a minute. What kind of model of work should you model in the 21st century? For the lazy guys out there, here’s the video:

We know that the nature of work is going to change and it’s changing. Learning plays a major role in the new design of work.

And this is our hypothesis:  So, the future is in being good in many skills and be exceptional in where your gut feeling leads you.

We’re always intrigued by the best performance – the doers, the performers, athletes, businessmen. And if you ask yourself – how to be the best performing person in the particular field.

There are two models that in reality, you can think of. Some people like Ed Mylett, which we call hypers. They are so hyped, motivated to do that “one more” iteration, it’s an obsession!

It means to make one more repeat, one more drill to outperform the competition.

You know, whatever is the curve – like if you need to make 70 push-ups to win the competition, the one more guys will do 71. IF you need to make 100 phone calls a day to be the best salesman, you’ll do 101.

This is sort of like performing challenge, hyping yourself to better performance – is crucial. It’s a hard work attitude, protestant working ethics, call it whatever.

We can talk about performance innovation even. Different companies strive to outpace their competitors in becoming bigger, faster, better performing – you know like boosting the parameters of the performance.

learning vs performance

Learning vs performance

It is crucial, but is this philosophy really for the 21st century? Not really, you need to no outperform but totally create a new value chain. Something that is going to knock your competitors down, disrupt them. Future is in disruption innovations, not outperforming innovation.

You see, the other way how to look at the top performance is to always look for leverage. And we tell you why to do this.  <Stay tuned>

It’s the changes of fourth industrial revolution – automation, robotics, and a surge in machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.

People are afraid that machines are replacing their jobs.

Machines are replacing us. But, you see machines have been replacing us ever since or should we say human labor ever since a flint proved to be sharper than a fingernail.

Of course, machine labor has numerous advantages to human labor. It’s plugged to a constant source of electric energy.

We humans have to rely on chemical energy that is not stable – we have ups and downs. We need to handle our energy management to sustain productivity. 

We need to handle our emotions, that may become a barrier to our performance, with machines you don’t need to pay social security, health benefits as an employer – on the first sight it seems that human labor is pretty much doomed.

But, this is again not the thing to feel intimidated by and take a victim stance. It’s a great opportunity to start thinking about your work performance in terms of leverage.

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Context is important

This debate on learning vs performance goes further. tre

Focus, on where machines are not good yet – that is recognizing different contexts of work. The world has many forms. And although experience might be the same, the use in a different context might differ.

Say, you know how to cook to astound people, still it’d be a little bit different to cook for famous people at Hollywood party then it’d be to cook at your comfy home kitchen.

The precise algorithms of work – the A to Z recipe how the work is done, may differ upon the context, where the work resides.

Take Watson for instance

This kind of context adjustments are going to take a long time before machines are better in that than humans.

What, we want to the focus here is that future work is a learning worker.

Take your education into your own hands.

Learning is not created the same. But, if you follow this blog a little bit, that’s the mantra. They are different types of learning. More here in this article.

So, again, we have two models of people and their work ethics. Let’s take…

Modeling top learning and performers

Learning and performing come hand in hand. It’s not really a battle of learning vs performance. They are of complementary nature.

The thing we want to stress here is that for making it really big in your life, you need to get a taste of knowledge used in many contexts – get as much experiences as you can.

Ok, here we go. Let’s take…

Elon Musk. Elon Musk has his day organized into 5 minutes iterations. His scope is to spend most of his day on participating in engineering and design problems.

In this field, there’s almost always an opportunity to learn something new, because all the time you’re facing new challenges across multiple areas. And his starting his business in all kinds of contexts, where inputs are always changing. His gathering experiences.

He has his fundamentals like first principle learning, hard protestant working ethics, gathering talent across his organizations, and wow marketing that he’s using across many business fields.

Your education has to be experiential. In another, you have to put what you learned into practice.

It’s so much better than training, online learning, school whatever. If you want to open a fast food restaurant, get a job in Mcdonalds first.

If you want to become an app millionaire, probably you should spend some time working for free for a software company, so you learn how do these guys work and the little details of the business itself. 

There’s this huge the aura around Elon Musk that you have to work 100 + hours per week, but this is far from true.

Time 2743994 1280 1024x682, Inex Life

Being hustler is not enough

Let’s take nice adorable old man Warren Buffet who would’ve been like the richest person on Earth had he not given billions to charity. 

He has learned the fundamental stock analysis at his young age from his mentor Benjamin Graham and used this technique across industries he understood.

He has always had a scope of not losing money and making them on a big scale, trusting the growth of the market in in the long – term perspective.

But, if you’d watch the man’s routine comparing to Elon Musk, he would look just cute.

Warren Buffet reads most of the time. He reads every financial paper there is and every account statement. It’s been said that he reads over 500 pages a day.

There’s no 5-minute iterations, there’s really just doing what he’s best at and some routines that have worked for him and made him feel prosperous and in line with himself.

He knows a lot about many fields of business and his exceptional in one, that is the fundamental value analysis. 

This ‘in line’ working with a momentum that sticks to your skin will be more and more important for the work of the 21st century.

People will have to look more and more for the type of work that sticks to their deepest intuition.

You got to have that gut feeling that is the right work, right deliverable for you to produce.

It’s where you can bring the most value in. And in that particular field, you have to learn and learn to produce leverage.  Of course self – improving, feedback seeking nature is desired. 

Intuition + work => continuous improvement – this creates value.

Learning vs performance – Finding your purpose

You need to find your circles where you can bring value and continually augment these experiences.

The new top performance of our age is becoming a polymath – learning many fields and skills, gathering many experiences from various fields and using techniques and hacks that can leverage your performance.

Why would waste your precious time in coding the whole app, if your best attributes are in marketing and there are so many savvy Indians developers that can get the job done for a reasonable price?

What you do need to do, is to learn some coding, so you know what is going on. It’s always better to know the fundamentals of the subject so other people can’t trick you and pour a lot of money from your pockets when you could pay the fraction of its cost.

Say, you’re building a house and you’re outsourcing all the work. But, what a difference would it make, if you would be skilled in construction and knew the prices you can get for particular works around the house.

It’d be so much harder for construction firms to trick you and bill big deal of money if you were skilled person, who is that much harder to be tricked.

Learning vs performance | Conclusion

So, the future is in being good in many skills and be exceptional in where your gut feeling leads you.

There might be some skills that could be evergreens of our age.

You should get some savvy with coding, reading and working with large chunks of data, communicating effectively socially as well as listening and shaping your mind-body connection. Be in shape, managing your energy, learning with the hacks according to your life’s goals.

First, decide who you are and then learn accordingly. We strongly encourage to follow our blog on super learning techniques. Whatever might work for you.

Whether it’s speeding up reading with retention or enhancing memorization, that’s gonna move you forward to more productive you. You see, the future of high performance is to think how to think;

It’s to learn how to learn; metathinking, watching, modeling, and customizing to your circumstances.

We believe that the future is not to outperform that makes one more push up more, but to create leverage – the new value chain that lies in the combination of different skills, different experiences you acquire used in a different context.

Say, your summer jobs were always at McDonald’s. Then you took your internships and other jobs in coding. You know two things – you know how the fast food restaurant operates and you know how to code a computer program.

Maybe you can combine these two skillsets and develop an ordering system that is going to be so much better, that is going to create so much competitive advantage, leverage to all other restaurants, that you gonna sell it to existing chain for large amount of money, or you can start your own restaurants chain that one day is going to outpace Mcdonalds.

We’ve seen this over and over on the market. Just reckon a couple of years ago, one of the mightiest companies in the World was phone Producer Nokia – they did not catch the disruptive product. Smartphone and where are they at right now?

So, the future is combining different experiences and hacks and applying them into different contexts.

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