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New year's resolutions and superlearning

New year’s resolutions and superlearning

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New Year’s resolutions is a tradition in which a person resolves to change an undesired behavior or commits to accomplish a personal goal. The fundamental thing is to of course improve one’s life.

That should be the goal of education as well – to change an undesired behavior, setup goals and habits, and strive to improve a life.

New Year’s resolutions

They come and go. There’s not too much to them.

Yes, this year I will quit smoking. This year I am going to lose 40 pounds. How are you going to do it? And are you willing to take a pain, because most of these changes hurt…

It’s surely a great feeling when you can make some new year’s resolutions public, then hold on to your plan and on the end of that year you can tell your friends & family – I told you so!

But, most of us are not that lucky to finish what we started.

One thing I certainly know. On 31st of December we are going to be drunk and sing and wish ourselves – Happy New Year!

We won’t even notice and the first quarter of 2019 will be gone forever and if we do not plan in advance, well I do not know about you, but I want to be in control.

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Make superlearning top of your list

During X-mas make time for yourself and define who you are.

It’s a great time to read some biographies, where you implement some reading techniques.

Once you understand those people a bit better through awesome biographies, you can start to mimic and model their behaviors and action taking patterns.

By searching for your models & mentors don’t forget to remember just one thing about them. Just one thing, what could enrich your life. You don’t need to be rude to people, just because Steve Jobs was a brilliant marketer and you adore him for it.

Try to bring some Via Negativa in your life. In another word, via negativa means finding what David is not. This is definitely a better approach to life than pure accumulation.

Remember one central topic from a book FOR YOU – not what the editors and critics say, that’s what is important.

Join the superlearner academy

Define who you are and then learn accordingly.

It’s all about being honest to ourselves, to ask questions and act upon it.

What is making me curious? I don’t want to be bored in life, do you?

Get on track of self – discovery questions.

Intelligence is nothing but an adaptability and skill to prosper under the given conditions.

Superlearning is an ability to get orientated in the environment rather quickly and dedicate one’s learning resources to the chosen focus point.

New Year’s resolutions vs action item list

The global economy is changing and the only possible way how to stay fit is to learn forever.

Implement these rules to skyrocket your year of 2019:

  • Define just one top goal in your personal finances, harmony (control of your mind), health, relationships with friends and family, you pick up your life’s framework but set up just one challenging goal.
  • Make a visual concept map of skills you have and what you need to accomplish or work on to get better – to help you achieve those goals.
  • Every day, ask questions like:
    1. Does this activity trigger my curiosity and is it worth my time? Learn to say NO finally!
    2. Am I in control of my mind? Is it really the truth what it is transmitting (just sit and listen to it for 5 minutes, what it does)
    3. I am gonna die, do I really want to spend my life on this activity?
    4. How can I leverage this or automate it?
    5. Am I understanding the fundamentals? How can I prove it?
    6. Where can I bring most value here?
    7. Always question how to learn, what is the right methodology?
    8. How is the other person going to react upon what I say? Think in advance.
  • Learn for 2 hours a day. No matter what. This should be the stuff that you nurture your goals with.

And we go on…

  • Learn external stuff. If you do well on stuff that is in your study plan and you can dedicate some more hours for learning – like over the weekend or so, to learn stuff outside your concept maps. It’s enough to dedicate 200 hours of learning to become a polymath. However, it must trigger your curiosity, that’s important.
  • Lead a journal. It’s not Brigitte Jones journal. But, you should be ready to write your ideas and remarks down to think about possible actions you may take upon them.
  • Take advantage of superlearning techniques
  • If you can’t take action immediately and hence learn the knowledge, learn at least information. Information is not a knowledge though.
  • Screw motivation and inspiration talks. Just do it! Aim for building a habit, that’s it. I never want to write this blog, I just have to…
  • Watch your calendar and time. Watch your time the same as money. It’s precious. Especially the concept of awarded or won time. You miss the bus you get time to do something productive, not to get pissed.
  • Follow since this year 2019 this blog is going to get serious.

New Year’s resolutions in a conclusion

Step by step we can enhance our lives, get better and better. No. 1 is the satisfaction now.

It is the knowledge that whatever my circumstances are, they can get just a little bit better – even if .00001%

It just doesn’t matter.

I don’t what to point here big rhetoric cliches, but I do believe one thing.

Our life is just lent to us. We can’t regard it as our private property, because we haven’t contributed to it by any action or merit. 

We have to commit it to future generations enhanced and 


Get the course and dedicate your New Year’s resolutions to superlearning in 2019

New year's resolutions and superlearning
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