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Does noopept help sexual performance

Does noopept help sexual performance? Lately I have been asked whether noopept can help me achieve more tranquility and focus in bed, possibly enhance my sexual performance? I said, yes maybe…

Had someone asked me this years ago, I would definitely recommend phenibut for the “bedtime stories” job. Phenibut can truly mitigate anxiety, if you are the happy person who reacts on it well. I have friends saying it is a shit, but I used to love. It definitely brought experiences like no other.

But what about Noopept? Noopept is of racetams family. This is very rarely associated with enhanced sex drive, arousal or enhanced performance. But..?

Does noopept help sexual performance

I do not want to hide it behind “everybody is different” cliche, because I do not have any scientific evidence. But the truth is, I don’t. As far as I am aware there are no studies concerned with this issue. This is my experience and stuff that I heard from others.

The truth is also, that shitload of sexual performance problems, typical for men are anxiety induced. Guys are not delivering, because they are solving shit in their heads. Women typically do not have these problems as they do not have to get hard doing it. But there is a problem of frigidness – the lack of sexual stimulus. Both ways we can come to pathological instances. We are discussing healthy people concerns here though.

So let’s consider sexual performance and problems attached to it two folds – Anxiety induced performance problems and frigidness or rather lack of sex drive.

Anxiety induced problems

Almost every man at his lifetime experiences this. The beautiful babe with D – sized tits, big, busty natural, wonderful curves and lovely face. She’s laughing and smiling at you, you feel the chemistry. You are contemplating being in her, loving her…as you prefer gently or hard. Yet when it comes to action and you are two naked bodies, your brain starts to work in direction that ultimately kills your libido. It might be the way you think you look. Whatever. It is usually derived from the fear of not delivering. Boys have that sort of manly – hood. That fear of failure, that if you won’t deliver a superb fuck, you have failed as a true man. This is especially true for porn era. Most of guys imagine fucking athletic performances we see in porn, captivated by it. Yet the real life making love is something else. Who in the world would want to shove his dick into babe’s ass, then back to pussy, sticking it into her mouth afterwards. Do you know how much cacao leftovers are there if it’s not cleaned by clyster? I just finished reading these failed porn stories, it’s a good read 🙂

So you need to relax and focus. Not because you have to deliver. You do not have to deliver a shit. Either you want it or not. It’s just sex all right, not the question of life and death. Especially if it’s a sex not meant for reproducing.

I think noopept does help social anxiety. I wrote about it here – noopept for social anxiety. And looking at my own experience I sense it is helping me to get along with people better. Like if I was transferred to the more intelligent side that no longer judges the surface. So does noopept help sexual performance induced by anxiety? Yes, in my experience for sure. Definitely enhanced focus, less judgment on the situation, more clear headed.

Doesn’t it kill sex drive?

Sexual performance as sex drive

There is no evidence that noopept enhances sexual desire. In the beginning I mentioned phenibut. That being GABA receptor agonist, it can definitely lead this way – just like the enhanced desire from having a glass of good wine or couple of beers. Solutions for lower sex drive are different – low libido solutions.

Also I haven’t really found a forum article, whether or reddit or elsewhere, where someone would claim to have enhanced sexual drive after having noopept.

I have however never experienced a low sex drive or lack of lust to have sex when on noopept. Clearly since of enhanced focus, decreased social anxiety and higher rationale, I think I am somehow able to look more clearly on woman looks and see the divine within. Appreciate the attraction that comes withing it,  better. I really do have this feeling. And it’d never hurt my libido or lust from having a sex.

Well, here I most come to a conclusion, that I wanted to avoid in the beginning of this article, but it is so. Everybody is different. I guess noopept won’t hurt if it won’t help either. And maybe it helps you realize that it’s just sex damn it. Yes, important thing indeed. But less worrying about it, the easier it gets, I guess. What do you think?


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