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Noopept – Let’s talk Science and a bunch of Benefits

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For some Noopept can be a slight game changer. For others it’s nasty chemical taste, that’s all

In order to have any benefits from taking noopept you have to first learn it.

Probably it will take you more than once so you feel what is noopept about.

We think that 40% can feel major benefits from noopept.

30% will mark an interesting nootropic experience, but it won’t be their nootropic of choice.

And the rest will feel no significant change in their consciousness hence won’t see any sense in continuous administering.


Noopept as scientific overview

Noopept enhances the cognitive functions besides its neuroprotective characteristics.

This compound belongs to a family of therapeutic drugs known as nootropics – memory and cognitive function enhancers.

The discovery of Noopept is quite miraculous involving psychotropic drug discovery.

The prototype of Noopept is a drug known as Piracetam. However, pharmacologically, it is a thousand times more potent than its prototype besides exerting a potent neuroprotective and anxiolytic characteristic.

Scientific promises were on treating Alzheimer’s disease

Noopept was shown to have restoring effects on several animals models in studies of Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

There are several promising studies that state that noopept attenuates the apoptosis – dying of brain cells caused by AD.

The enough evidence was collected that noopept mitigates the levels of free radicals, inhibits calcium overload, and helps mitochondrial apoptopic pathways.

All of these phenomena are usually related to AD.

Other related studies include couple of potential benefits of noopept.

Among several, a few worth mentioning related to Noopept benefits are:

  1. Enhancing the production of nerve growth factor and brain-derived neurotrophic factors in the hippocampal region.
  2. Promoting choline generation.
  3. Reduction in oxidative stress through controlling the production of free radicals.
  4. Repressing biomolecules associated with the induction of stress responses in the brain.
  5. Neuroimmunomodulation – strengthening the brain for its protection mechanisms from diseases and infections.

Enhancing levels of NGF and BDNF

It has been proven scientifically that Noopept increases the levels of nerve growth factor (NGF) and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).

Both proteins are important triggers in studies involving addiction, major depressive disorders, schizophrenia, and Rett syndrome disease.

This is high science with promising results.

Especially BDNF.

There is substantial proof of the concept that in diseases like Huntington’s diseases, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s diseases there is a reduction in the production of BDNF within the brain.

It would be a strong statement that noopept can be a cure for these diseases.

However, with its antidepressant and antipsychotic potentials, it may help things a bit.

If you want to read more about this supplement from a scientific perspective, click on.

noopept benefits

Noopept can enhance your game

Nootropics are fun.

If you know they are not an end game.

When you know that you need to foremost work on yourself.

You’re not going to be a great public speaker just because of nootropics.


They can enhance the current life’s situation – your internal game though.

We believe that noopept mitigates the little voice inside our heads.

It brings us closer to the present moment – to the action.

Enhanced focus, memory, clarity, and rationality

I call it Voltaire’s drug.

Because I think of Voltaire as a peak of rationality.

The belief of rationality sort to say.

Let’s just be rational and think.

I got the same thoughts on the substance.

The man is ready to think and focus on a particular activity.

It’s also providing some energy, but it’s not energy like you’d drink a coffee or guarana.

It is acetylcholine related. Again read this scientific guide for more information.

Noopept is more of a go-getting drug.

At least that’s me when I have it.

I want to do stuff. I see challenges and activities. You won’t probably just like to sit around and do nothing when on it.

Even though it’s nothing like you hyped and you got to do something.

It just seems like a more natural and rational thing to do – just use that time productively.

Let’s see in what situation might noopept enhance your game

Top 5 nootropic for studying

When you search for nootropics for studying you will probably get some ideas like lecithin, ginkgo Biloba, bacopa monnieri or just good old coffee.

For me personally they don’t make a difference.

Students rarely know about noopept.

Even though it’s a relatively cheap nootropic.

it boosts acetylcholine and therefore gives you a mild focused stimulation.

We talked in the scientific section that it does rather help to preserve neuro – cells by mitigating apoptosis.

Slight memory enhanced especially short – term memory might be experienced.

Focused, upbeat, with boosted will – power to study!

Noopept definitely makes sense when you study.

But, not only for students.

Learning is an act of all ages.

This can have beneficial acts on learning adult – learners as well, spending countless hours learning internet courses.

I would use it for dating

noopept dating

This substance is perfect for dating!

Seriously, for social interactions overall.

We wrote about this many times.

It’s because of its anxiolytic and antidepressant effects.

This article brings interesting thoughts I believe, take this.

Looking at the social perception, noopept makes you more intelligent.

It’s like you’re not solving this low instinct – the surface.

You are more intelligent and able to look into people’s eyes and understand them better.

That’s how I feel about it.

You enjoy people more and judge less.

You’re not in your focking emotions that much.

It’s more focused on the flow.

Like you would bring more to conversations by making them flow better.

Noopept, at least in my experience helps verbal intelligence.

But, to the most, I would point the focus on the conversation.

They are definitely more structured, consecutive, flowing, and more focused.

If you going on a date, you want to make your date a focus point of your night.

That’s it!

Noopept is great for edgy “out of comfort” zone events

noopept anxiety

When there is a spotlight on you.

It’s natural you want to boost your game a little.

Be it a job interview or public speaking.

Don’t think noopept as of movie limitless.

This is not it.

But, it can help tremendously in these situations.

First of all, they are social situations as well.

And noopept is great socially.

It makes you less foggy, and a  brings you less racing mind.

It will give you go – getting thoughts.

But, the thought that comes from it will be more lasting.

The best way how to achieve something in life is to dare.

Simply getting what you want and acting upon it!

In all these situations noopept can be of help

Some questions and experiences gained over the years

Noopept is pretty powerful.

For that reason you even 10mg of the substance can make a difference in your system.

10 mg is a pretty damn low amount of the substance and can easily slip behind your fingernails.

For that reason, the dosage is hard to attain.

You can buy noopept bulk powder, but the best is to use it in a stack

Buying a bulk powder does bring dosage challenges.

It’s very hard to stick to specific amounts of noopept.

When I had a powder, I just usually licked the top of my finger and sunk it into the powder bag.

What did I get – 10, 20, 30 mg. You know, it just goes.

Noopept is not toxic and is generally well – tolerated.

But, there’s this chemical feeling especially if you sunk your fingers in a powder bag a few times throughout the day.

It can make you feel a bit shaky and nervous.

Chemical in one label.

Like some part of the brain would be pushing on your head but from inwards of course.

For this reason, I would never cross 60mg or so of the substance or at least I would try not to.

Also, for this reason, I would take measured dosages packed in capsules.

And why not take it with other nootropics?

We like Nitrovit or Lumonol.

One of the best noopept based supplements out there.

They provide many interesting other nootropics and the adequate daily dosage of noopept for most people.

Click for Nitrovit

And of course click for Lumonol

Don’t take it every day – at least not a long – term

Even though noopept is pretty safe and it seems to have promising therapeutic and nootropic effects.

Well, we just do not know for sure, what it might incur long – term to the brain functioning.

This is to say there are not great studies for this.

People are eating it without problems all around the world.

But, there also has to be some serious research done.

And we’re waiting for that, but most money goes to cancer research and medicine overall.

Noopept has some promising therapeutics as mentioned, but this is far from the interest of big pharma.

And besides, don’t forget that Noopept is a Russian drug.

That can mean that even though it is acceptable for Western consumers it might be not for western political and business spheres.

All of this is just saying that be careful. Too much of everything is bad.

We also believe that there is a level of tolerance building that might spoil the effects of the substance.

OK, check this simple FAQ for some more information

Yes, Generally it is a very safe substance. Some studies provide a level of toxicity up to 5000mg so 5 grams. This is insane amount of a substance, considering 10mg can make a difference in how you feel.

Noopept is distributed and sold in many countries under OTC label – supplement. In some countries like Russia it is a prescription drug.

This really depends. Some people feel the substance starting from 10mg, some don’t feel 60mg at all. Usually, it takes some time until the body gets used to noopept. We believe that the adequate dosage of noopept is somewhere around 30mg per day.

Noopept is generally very safe, however, especially buying bulk you can take more if. And it may make you feel shaky, irritated, not attainable in the end.

Noopept stays in your system forever. No, just joking, but it may take up to 6 hours until it is fully released from the body. Usually it is effective for like 3 – 4 hours

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