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mushrooms and nootropics

Nootropic mushrooms – psilocybin meets nootropics

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There’s no new nootropic mushrooms supplement or anything.

Instead we are talking an interesting concept created by a combo dosage.

By mushrooms we mean magic truffles – mushrooms containing psilocybin.

Nootropics are drugs that are proven to enhance cognitive functions.

It turns out that magic mushrooms can not only take you tripping to the vast spheres of the universe.

You can also be microdosing them for several mental and health benefits.

Could they be combined with nootropics to acquire both properties – enhanced creativity and cognitive performance?

Nootropic mushrooms

Microdosing mushrooms

It’s crazy how this topic came to renaissance these days.

People speak publicly about this.

Before, magic mushrooms were hidden gems of clandestine preaches of guys like Terence Mckenna or Stanislav Grof.

Now, Silicon Valley speaks about them.

In the world that rewards creativity more and more it’s natural that people are looking for creativity boosters.

After all, it can show the world that is hidden in our day – to – day being.

People are asking – How can use this changed form of consciousness into our daily work?

They are looking for enhances – the connection nootropic mushrooms makes sense here.

Tripping might have uses in culture microdosing in productivity

The big leverage is in dosage – just like in any other substance.

If you take too much you will get closer to the stars.

This is not the quality that Silicon Valley can use on daily productivity scale.

Because this is the world of Shamans.

Maybe, during your tripping you can have a ‘next big thing business idea’ that can materialize into a lot of potential.

In culture an art there is long – standing evidence of positive influence of psychadelics.

Stairway to heaven would never get into its brilliant form had not been construed under influence of psychedelics.

On the other hand, have 5 – 6 mushrooms containing psilocybin and you are out of your work schedule.

You can’t maintain an organized nature of your work.

It’s just not possible – have been there, done it.

psilocybin mushrooms

You can keep a sound level of self – organizing when microdosing mushrooms

We are coming out of a premise that work needs to be well – organized.

There needs to be some zealous drive towards personal management, time management and etc.

After all, even if you worship creativity – it, to a lot of part comes from work itself.

The idea to explore here is – can we maintain the level of well – organized work environment with enhanced creativity benefits?

And this is where microdosing mushrooms fit in.

Therefore, also term nootropic mushrooms come in.

To imagine that someone would create a supplement containing psilocybin and let’s say nitrovit ingredients is unimaginable.

At least under these regulatory terms.

However, never say never, because our days are changing like crazy.

Just look at medical marijuana out there and CBD – just few years later they were nowhere.

And, now they are everywhere.

Well, nutritional supplements are usually just stacks of different ingredients that you can take separately.

The added value in them is usually that they provide synergistic effect of substances meant for solving a specific problem – like anxiety or sexual drive.

But, taking two substances separately does the same job of course.

Especially, with mushrooms there is a little problem with dosage, but we can approximate.

Senses are sharper, but you can still function – grow them and experiment yourself

Getting enough, but not too much is a bit of an art.

Everybody is different and therefore it takes a little experimenting.

There are also different batches of mushrooms – it’s nature, so it’s hard to tell what potency you might end up with.

By the way, though it’s hard for a law to ban a nature, psilocybin is definitely illegal in most countries.

So, check up legality of your purchase for sure.

You know, there are these growing kits that you can purchase from the internet.

It’s a pretty easy process and these kits are well – advanced.

It takes some skill to grow them and you might waste a kit or two, but in the end that’s the easiest process how to get them.

You have to precisely follow the instructions of the supplier.

There are bunch of sites dedicated for this – you can check this one out.

Once you have that – you are on your own to experiment.

Remember, microdosing is “micro” dosing, so keep some common sense what is still a small amount.

For me around 190 lbs. guy, it’s usually two to three mushrooms.

But, it can vary, you get the point.

nootropics and mushrooms

And then it happens – my perception is much higher

It’s like I am my body again.

I am literally thinking about the processes that are running in my brain.

Like if felt my organs – I feel the energy, the power of connection.

I love to stretch, meditate, do breathing exercises or visualizing when microdosing mushrooms.

It’s hard to explain, but it’s like your perception goes up 200%.

You are in the supermarket and someone’s phone rings.

And suddenly this ringing is you.

It’s so close to your perceptual consciousness that you start to look around if it’s not your telephone.

Even though, rationally you know you do not have that phone ringing.

I also somehow enjoy more my present moment.

I love just to take my two or three and play with my kid.

Mushrooms do make you more present.

Too much of it will make a you a kid again and you will have a hard time to hold your focus, but with microdosing cognitive cut -backs are minimal if any

Maybe, interesting experimenting takeaways would be – how does mushrooms microdosing effect your:

  • Interactions with co-workers during meetings?
  • how does it influence your “gut feeling” in idea creation?
  • How does it shape your emotional intelligence to other people
  • What is outcome to your personal time management – can you boost the potential of resting during a workday?
  • Can you focus on task precisely that require your “full being” – being in a present moment?
  • How does it influence work – life balance – can you do after work chores as well as “being clean”
  • And very important – journal are there any negative side effects that may stop you from microdosing?

Nootropic Mushrooms

It seems that mushrooms microdosing does not bring you out of a “Monday” world.

Instead, because it turns up your senses – it can boost the effects of some nootropics meant for energy and pure cognitive boost.

Out favorite here are Nitrovit or Lumonol.

Definitely two great noopept based cognitive enhancers out there.

Together, with mushroom microdosing they can make a combo that can boost your day into the top.

However, let us tell you first what we believe is a general safe approach concerning any nootropic.

Nootropic mushrooms the safe approach

We do not know for sure what are the long – term effects of Nitrovit and especially Noopept – the main active ingredient in Lumonol or Nitrovit.

Noopept is internationally not well studied. We know its basic structure and functioning. It seems to be generally very safe. Still, it’s much more powerful than it’s parent piracetam.

Only 10mg of Noopept is enough that you feel and effect.

What is 37.5mg doing in a long run in Nitrovit?

At the same time, because of the mixture of compounds I would not take it everyday.

In one serving that is 3 capsules you get 37.5mg of noopept.

Same goes for mushroom microdosing.

On the top of all of that, every substance you take builds its own tolerance.

Your mushroom microdosing is not going to be same always.

And your 2 or 3 mushrooms might not do the same trick as before.

Obviously, also because that every mushroom is bit different in its potency.

The rule of thumb is to experiment for yourself.

It’s more than intriguing experimenting though.

Microdosing mushrooms together with powerful nootropic supplements like Nitrovit can build a powerful nootropic mushrooms combo.

And this possibly could be a path to powerful mental optimization for work and after – work chores.

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