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Nootropic pre workout – nootropics can be used even here

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Let’s talk nootropic pre workout.

Frankly, nootropics are not mainly active in this niche.

If you are thinking fitness, then you think and use supplements, and diet enhancers dedicated for this purpose.

workout supplements

However, a good nootropic pre workout is still an awesome idea.

A nootropic pre workout is a great idea

When we think of nootropics we think cognitive boost – enhanced memory, focus, more energy, and less anxiety.

These qualities are perfect even for a gym.

After all, a good workout is just a component of a your fitness success or whatever you want to call it.

It’s not that much workout as great diet that counts.

It might be like 60 or 70% of your fitness success.

But, the real workout is definitely valuable, so is proper regeneration.

Fitness supplements are also fine, but there’s an endless debate about them.

Are they doing more harm than good?

There’s been a long debate going on about this.

A common sense would be moderate using of all the substances.

Simple balance is the key to our sustainable growth.

What are the benefits of pre – workout supplements?

And their comparison to a nootropic pre workout

A nootropic pre workout vs pre workout supplements

Look at it a from a top layer check.

Pre workout supplements are giving more blood flow, activation of ATP and energy.

These are mostly nitric oxide based supplements, creatine and traditional caffeine.

Then you have protein shakes and amino acids, but that’s a bit different topic.

Protein shakes and amino acids are nutrition replacements that you can supplement, if you can’t eat just chicken and rice all the time.

As such they are mostly active during muscle regeneration – where the actual growth is taking place.

On the other hand, if you look at nitric oxide based supplements are creatine you will find many misleading information.

Current science will label their findings ‘into may or might help the muscle boost.’

Nitric oxide based supplements bring more oxygen into your muscles and potentially nutrients.

There might be a change that compounds like L-arginine and L-citruline might help with boosting of growth hormone.

However, gains are slight and you would have to eat drastic amounts of these compounds – which again might have also some adverse events or effects.

Creatine long- story short is a scientific dispute.

No one can really tell today, whether it really releases ATP or not.

And caffeine is such is energy enhancer.

But, this substance is common – whether it’s a nootropic or pre – workout dedicated supplement.

So, they are not really that different.

nootropic pre workout

Workout is important – about 30%

Workout at the gym is, of course, the very important factor of an awesome look. But, it’s only about 30% of the result. Still enough to pay attention to, though.

Your muscles consist of twitches of fibers. Work them out in a sequential, logical manner, not in an all-at-once brute force—that can hurt yourself

Imagine going to the gym once or maybe twice a week, and working smart and hard out there, with a pro mental attitude, complementing it with a great mucus-less diet. That starts to seem like an ideal body pursuit. Yes, once or twice is enough for gym time!

What we aim for is sequential recruitment using a moderate load.

The ratio behind high-intensity training

When you start practicing with a moderate load, you first recruit low and moderate twitches to the point of repetition, where you will need to employ the largest twitch of muscles. Sequential recruitment strength training is what we believe is the only strength training that creates no harm to the body, and rather enhances it.

The forces are first low, to begin with. If you start with a weight of let’s say, 80 pounds, it stays that way. That means it requires the same amount of force to move it. What changes is your rate of fatigue, which increases?

In the end, you are fatigued to a point where it is very likely you might hurt yourself.

Force is defined as mass times acceleration.

Acceleration can be increased exponentially.

There are ways to activate your largest, fast-twitch muscle fibers, but many ways can lead to injury. Whenever you are attempting an activity that involves the use of your muscle fibers in tandem, there is a serious threat of injury. It is also not effective enough.

Your low and intermediate twitches are two-thirds of the output; therefore, if you employ all three from the beginning, you won’t be able to continue when the fastest twitch muscles run out, and you won’t train your two-thirds of fibers adequately.

The most important thing is that you do it slowly, till you crash.

That’s when you brake your fibers and regeneration process can begin.

However, we’re not going to fight about this.

At we love high intensity training, you might like something else. But, that workout is only like 30 maybe 40% – we stand for it.

If you want, you can read more about our fitness visions in this book. Click picture!

workout book

We believe it’s a complex solution plus SARMS.

Sarms is of course not a solution for everybody.

It’s a not a supplement, it’s research substance with Phase III clinical research at latest.

The point is that the magic here is your diet.

And some pretty useful principles may be found in this book – it’s free to download.

Nootropic pre-workout we use

Hopefully, we plotted some value what we stand for.

And also we have shown that benefits of nootropics vs. dedicated pre-workout supplements are not that different.

They provide more or less same job in energy.

But, nootropics are cognitive enhances that give you some valuable perks in a gym like – focus, dedication, stamina.

Focus, is the key.

You have to enjoy the present moment of being in a gym and make a most of it.

The rest of it is really, simply put your kitchen and regeneration.

Fitness is a life-style process.

Check some of these great supplements we use for pre – workout

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