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Nootropics for motivation – beat endless motivation challenge

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Nootropics for motivation really do work.

However, that endless story of motivation is not so easy.

A motivation is a set of facts and arguments used in support of a proposal. That’s from a definition dictionary.

People think that the motivation is the key to everything.

What they seek in simple terms is the energy, lust or willpower to do stuff that they want.

Yes, this will power can be boosted by nootropics for motivation.

It’s even better if you incorporate healthy lifestyle perks – like healthy eating, meditation, proper relaxation and etc.

But, let us get to the point.

Motivation has gathered too much spotlight in the circle of human performance and growth.

These are by far the strongest nootropics for motivation on the market. Check them out!

Motivation is not the holy grail of human excellence

People seek incentives and temporary brain boosts.

Technically, it’s that moment when the magic Dopamine chemical gets created.

And, all of the sudden it feels good.

Internet is packed with motivational videos.

They have millions and millions of view – why then we do not have millions and millions happy personal development growers.

If that would be the only solution – then there would be no endless questions of quora about how to get motivated.

OK, motivation is fine.

Let me explain you in this video, that it’s not the primary thing you should focus on

Nootropics for Motivation – Good, Idea, but do not think motivation only

You might have heard us that we are ditching motivation.

That’s not true though.

Motivation is fine, so nootropics for motivation are cool.

The problem is shallow, internet motivation.

They are stories of other people portrayed in drama to make you feel good.

After watching them it lasts a minute or two and then you back to your default habits.

If you don’t feel like reading, check this video out!

Internal motivation is more than external motivation

The internet drama is so overrated.

Psychologists call it a source of external motivation.

What matters only is the internal motivation.

It’s your story.

You are responsible for it.

There’s no comparison to the others, especially not to the Elon Musk – why the hell would someone compare to him?

It’s kinda hard to really know what do you want from your life.

And, if you know from a very young age, like Steve Jobs, what do you really want – well, you got lucky.

For most of us, it’s years of trying different things, experiencing and post – contemplation.

But, eventually we will get there.

The helpful triggers to know what’s really giving you internal motivation is to spend some time within yourself.

Habits like meditation, visualization, forest bathing might help.

It’s a whole life-style or if you want a structural problem

Obviously healthy eating and your enteric – nervous system – your gut feeling plays a major role in willpower management.

But, it requires a more holistic approach.

Guide to internal motivation is the holistic approach described in this book

EPM boom

You as an architect of your habits

There’s one great artist who put it without prejudice – inspiration is for amateurs

.Yes, the best ideas and also inspiration – call it motivation and willpower come from action itself.

You are set of actions that got bundled together in an annotation called a habit.

Habit is a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

We all have habits if we want it or not.

The real deal is when we can manage them and look after them.

Management or becoming an architect of your habits is the key here.

Because, habits can make you a slacker or top grower that gets all best from a life.

Now, this will be about habits and defeating procrastination.

But, still nootropics for motivation – boosting substances can play a significant role even here.

nootropics for motivation

How to Stop Procrastinating

Everything takes energy.

And if you ever watched a rocket launch – the most energy is consumed at start.

It’s the same thing with life’s actions. 

The most energy or the willpower is needed to start anything. 

Nootropics for motivation can make your STARTS easier

Our brains like watching TV because it’s freaking easy to turn it on. 

Usually, it takes one button. 

And you’re plugged in. 

Then it takes some effort to pick up TV programs that you might watch. 

At the same time modern TV providers are making it easy to pick.

They provide more and more specific algorithms to hint you what to watch based on your accustomed preferences. 

Besides, clicking buttons feels good. 

It puts you in a theta mode. 

Somehow, there are whole worlds running on the screen.

And you do not need to interact or worry too much about them. 

You just observe and make yourself comfortable. 

They got you. 

Re – Engineering TV

So, better than watching motivation internet videos – is to make your starts easy as it gets.

How do you do that? 

Prepare your environment.

If you know your task is to write your thesis that day. 

Make it incredibly easy to start. 

Leave your laptop on close to your bed. 

Leave the MS word or your favorite writing program on in the background.

When you wake up go straight behind your desk.

Push the button.

Whola, you see MS Word with the cursor already blinking. 

Start to write. 

Anything, don’t judge it. 

Minify the assignment size! 

Have a goal in your mind that your delivery is 200 words not more for this iteration. 

If you’ve ever written yourself, you’d know it’s not a hard task to do to write 200 words. 

Or 5 pushups. 

Always, think to make the easy starts and start with small assignments. 

I think it goes even for already seasoned delivery guys out there – who’ve had built a habit or two. 

Some action is always much better than no action!

I could write on, but what about checking the video instead?

After all, we will summarize in the next section.

More you can check in this video – It’s much better than to rely on external ‘internet’ motivation

Patience and concrete steps instead of external motivation

Lastly, it’s time to say that patience is the key. 

Leaving some room for taking it easy also helps. 

We have to strive to be well – organized if we want to achieve nice levels of self – expression. 

Learning and trying new things always help. 

Especially, in these directions – preparing your environment, focusing on easy starts, trying to have fun, mitigate unproductive things. 

We said here that nootropics for motivation can help with easy starts.

Let us be humans.

We are not perfect. 

How to stop procrastinating is not a religion. 

We will procrastinate sometimes. But, we should try not to. 

And think about habits. 

Habits are actions and only actions can change anything about your life for the better.

Not, the information online – motivation etc. 

Our Habit tracker can be a good start here, so feel free to download it. 

And work on yourself with a thesis on your mind how to stop procrastinating.

Think about these points and try to implement and adjust them for your own life: 

  1. Prepare your environment for easy starts
  2. Minify assignment size 
  3. Make it comfortable and rewarding – bundle habits 
  4. Mitigate distractions
  5. A Rome was not built in a day
nootropics for motivation

What did we learn thinking nootropics for motivation

External ‘internet’ motivation is not the source of human excellence.

Not, just performing career world. but also for finding inner piece.

What is necessary stress is the holistic approach.

A human being needs to figure out lot of things throughout his or her life.

For the most part one needs to be inline with her or his inner self.

That’s a hard statement, but it’s true

Actively looking for inner piece is a lifetime goal – be it in spirituality, work career or in relationships.

In the end it is that “internal motivation” that you seek.

To achieve your goals and mitigate procrastination towards it – you focus management and techniques that mitigate procrastination.

These steps are not perfect, but it’s much better strategy than to rely on simple motivational videos.

Nootropics for motivation are not out of the scope from findings of this article.

Just, like everything they are just not the whole picture.

They can play a nice complimentary role.

Getting your mood levels, willpower up to actually make you want to do stuff.

After all, as we saw we need to focus on making our starts as easy as possible.

That’s the path to human excellence.

Check some of the other awesome nootropics we got!

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