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Nootropics? Why should you care?

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Nootropics – why should you care?

Nootropics have become a phenomenon couple years ago and it seems this fashion is not going away that quickly. It seems because it hits the very inner circle of our desires – to be more productive, smart – shortly capable of achieving more performance easier. It is propelled by our desire to perform better. This is why nootropics are so intriguing. I might be wrong but contemporary surge has been brought by this movie:

Of course the history of nootropics go way beyond. Most of them created around 50s and 60s in 20th century and some even sooner- depends on classification – you can read more here. One thing is certain that the sales of these substances is growing fast and since that we have more and more selling catches – keywords nootropics this and that, just put it in the cart pal. Anyway, it’s a huge mess on the market! There has been some opposition around (recently paypal and most gateways banned selling nootropics under their arms) and there have been couple of acts that banned some valued nootropics out from the “official” market (like like picamilon and vinpocetine (Which has not been pulled out nutritional supplements market like picamilon was, which is part of that mess) – You can read about it here.

To summarize the problem – nootropics haven’t found their right legit way to be sold on the market. That means FDA approved. Right now they are rather inappropriately sold as nutritional supplements. Nutritional supplements are however by definition substances not synthetically created and follow patterns of strict natural occurrence. For the same administration was picamilon (synthesized GABA mix with Niacin) ban ok, however vinpocetine was good to stay in category of supplements – FDA is a mess I am sorry, long story…

But the market is here. People love nootropics and they are here to stay. There is some sort of opposition towards them. But not too big. Until now, nothing negative was reported to stop the nootropics machine. There are statements about lack of suitable studies especially in the field of  possible side effects. But people use them everyday. And except of mild headaches, no big issues I have encountered so far – I have been using them too. Contraindications – mixing it with different drugs are to be studied,  dear scientists…We need more papers on that! But yet people still take them and the market grows.

Nootropics are here to stay and enhance us

So Nootropics hype is to be settled and made clear by this blog. Nootropics are not traditional supplements. Yes, there are natural substances that act as modulators especially flavonoids that can add you some odds in your favor. I am talking about the natural stuff like Rhodiola Rosea or Bacopa, extracts of green tea or all sort. Caffeine is of the most known nootropic – yes it is boosting neurons and yeah it is a nootropic to some extent.

When we say nootropics, we mean more laboratory created substances that have been designed to deliver the effect. Like Phenibut – literally just GABA, but synthetically created so it gets into your system (most of the GABA supplements to be bought on amazon just get in and out without any effect really). Racetams they are called mostly, but there are different sub – groups, but leave it’s like that.

People want to become limitless, but this is not the case.

You are not going to become limitless by using nootropics.

Can you enhance yourself ? Yes, you can! You can modulate your mood and thoughts toward more productive & positive stance – and that is the goal. Focus is the key! Mindset is the key. With moderate, shrewd usage you can focus your mind towards your goals.

Noopept, Alpha – GPC, Phenibut, Sulbutiamine, 5 – HTP, L – Theanine and more…all great substances and more to help you in focusing your mindset, anxiety – relief and mood enhancing properties. Again they are no the absolute solution. You cannot rely only on nootropics – that would be very naive and pathetic. You are the key to your happiness. But moderate usage of noopept towards the day (up to 50mg) for more focus and productivity towards the day? Why not! Having phenibut from time to time, especially when going to a job interview for little intelligent anxiety relief or going to a big social gathering when the lights are on you – why not?

Smart taking of nootropics can enhance your life.

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