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Ostarine Dosage – so, you bought an ostarine, now what?

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Ostarine dosage is a tricky part.

You definitely require some Sarms 101 basics in order to know what you are getting into your body.

We’re going to look at it in this article.

Ostarine dosage varies.

Ostarine is a mild and most – researched of sarms out there.

It is suitable for cutting or bulking. Check out our article on sarms for cutting.

Sarms ostarine is fine for women as well – Ostarine for women.

Understanding ostarine will teach about SARMs as well.

Ostarine Dosage

The beautiful old – school is to buy some SARMs in a bulk powder form.

For this instance you need to provide a 10mg scoop for yourself.

This is hard core, however it does have some beauty in it.

Just being measuring and fiddling around with a 10mg scoop, it kind of feels, well different.

Scooping ostarine as a powder definitely requires being clever with your hands,

And even then, 10mg is such a small amount that it’s going to spill out.

For those who do not feel good about spilling some stuff around, there’s a bottled solution.

We’re going to give you tips for products for both – powder or bottle lovers there.

Anyway, there’s a golden rule of thumb.

Use common sense!

That means, if you feel sick, stop!

ostarine dosage

Ostarine dosage in scientific studies.

If you’re craving some scientific texts around ostarine, check this article out.

Here, we want to stress one thing.

Absolutely, majoritiy of studies are based on ostarine dosage in range of 1 – 5mg.

This is were scientists and medical practioners have done their reasearch and they consider ostarine being safe.

This is not compliant to fitness world.

You will end up with at least 10 milligrams in your body during your cycle.

Largely, because of the “scoop” problems, but even bottle, this amount is so small.

But, the experience with sarms teach us that, especially ostarine is relatively safe even by higher dosage.

More to SARMs safety in heading.

In general there are two common protocols.

If you want to cut, and get ripped – stick to 10 – 15mgs per ostarine dosage daily.

if you are bulking, you would probably higher this amount.

But, please stick to reasonable amounts of the drug.

I have never surpassed 40mgs and thus I hoped I have never felt any side effects.

You can read about my Ostarine experiences here.

It’s not easy to pick a reliable source, because it’s a weird market. But, we have years of experience in this. These guys are legit!

Ostarine dosage in a context of Sarms 101

Ostarine belongs to the family of compounds known as selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMS).

According to the PubChem Compound database, there are three types of Ostarine having the same molecular weight but differing in the compound architecture (structure).

This led to a variety of synonyms for the SARMS Ostarine including Enobosarm, GTx-024; MK-2866 and S-22.

Notably, the Enobosarm is the trade name used by the GTX. Inc mainly developed for muscle wasting and osteoporosis.

What are SARMs

SARMs are Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. What does it even mean? Androgen comes from a Greek word meaning “male”.

So everything connected to “androgen” is meant to be for a male. This includes the activity of the primary male sex organs and the development of male secondary sex characteristics.

The most known male androgen is testosterone. Anabolic steroids are androgens. SARMs are selective androgen modulators and I want to stress the word selective. They have the same kind of effects as anabolic steroids, but they are more selective in their action.

We really should understand this selective term here. We can even change it to specific.

If you ingest something it goes to your gastrointestinal tract and through your blood, it spreads systematically in a body.

Testosterone is not specific. It gets to your muscles, bones, which is good. However, it will target also your prostate gland. It will affect your natural capability of producing natural testosterone.

You will get suppressed and if you end up your cycle you will be changing to a woman (if you’re a man, of course, 😀 )

That sucks for a man, doesn’t it? However, luckily there are different post cycle therapies.

But can we really attenuate the dangers?

SARMs – are non – steroidal androgens

We’re not saying that even SARMs are completely safe. We do not know for sure, as more studies need to be conducted. There are no relevant studies, for instance, the effect on the liver and such. SARMs are not 100% specific. They will affect different tissues in the body apart from muscle and bone tissues.

However, several non-steroidal androgens show a ratio of anabolic to androgenic effects of greater than 3:1 and up to as much as 90:1 compared to testosterone, which has a ratio of 1:1. I want to stop by non – steroidal androgens. Again, 90: 1!

90:1! That is a huge step forward!

Steroids are fats. However, most of the sold SARMs today are protein-based. Long story short proteins are more specific.

They are not that new guys. They were actually developed in the 1990s so it’s been some time and have you heard people dying on SARMs? No!

Sarms are mild compared to Testosterone and other muscular boosters

Now, this is not to say that nonsteroidal SARMs are the answers to all our problems.

Although protein-based SARMs have very limited side effects with large benefits for strength and muscle gains, they also require a much longer period of use and cannot yet compare to the effectiveness of a steroid. But look back to our scope.

We can get 2 – 3 kg with one 6 -7 weeks long cycle. We will practice hard in this cycle. Eat well, work hard,  sleep well and focus on this. These gains after the cycle are maintainable, that is the key.

And this is the philosophy we relate to.

There are numerous testimonies claiming 4 – 6 lbs pure muscle gains, which are maintainable after the first 6 -7 weeks cycle.

Maintainable and without side effects. Most claim that not even post cycle therapy is needed.
There are many promising studies on pubmed. Trying to find an answer to possible therapeutic effects of SARMs from osteoporosis to cancer.

So here are some reviews from youtube. We can relate to those opinions. Let’s give it a shot and get boosted. At the same time. Stay safe – control your dosage! That is our motto actually. Dosage guys, dosage!

Health is more important than a big muscular physique.

Ostarine can help with cutting.

Or give you 2 – 4 kilos of muscle per cycle.

It’s not grow to muscular monster thing.

It’s therefore not so adversive.

I made a video about it if you do not want to read

Ostarine side effects

So, what did we learn so far?

We learned something about a drug called SARMs.

It’s pretty safe, but at the same time it’s a research compound! .

There’s a huge difference about ostarine dosage in conducted medical studies and what you’ll actually get when using it.

But, we have years of experience of guys – women and men using it.

It just deservers some common sense.

Let’s look at some side effects it might bring.

Ostarine dosage Side effects – you have to consider this

What do we know: 

Ostarine is the mildest and most researched of Sarms.

Sarms do have side effects: 

  • They decrease the amounts of good HDL cholesterol in you
  • And they provenly raise ALT enzymes – enzymes that are signalled when liver is being damaged. 

They are reported occasions of feeling nausea, dizzyness, joint pain, worsening of sight when using Ostarine. 

Generally, it is the safest option from all sarms. 

You have to smart about though. 

Remember that…

SARMS are not dietary supplements. They are not FDA Approved. Do you know what’s the most crucial consequence of this?

There is so much junk being sold online. Usually, it’s not SARMS that is giving you headaches and nausea and other adverse side effects.

Most of the guys on SARMS forums have terrifying experiences because they did not even know what they bought. They believed that they bought SARMS, but in the end, they ended up with anabolic substances that made them sick.

You need a trusted supplier, someone tested – someone that is getting you what’s on the label. It needs to be a 3rd party tested.

Remember the golden rule – if you do not feel well, stop!

It’s always a good idea to be informed about PCA therapy at least you should inform your doctor that you are taking SARMs. By most of SARMs at short – spanned cycles that is 4 weeks – you probably won’t need PCAs, but it’s always a good thing to think about it in advance.

In conclusion what have we learned

SARMs are popular out there!

They are interesting for men or women.

It’s an interesting alternative and risk / to gain compound.

Ostarine dosage varies.

Science – well, just be aware we do not have papers that would examine people taking 10mg of ostarine and more.

At the same time, side effects are mild even with higher dosage – headaches, nausea,

Gains are way smaller than by other androgens, but so are risks.

In the long run SARMs do have negative side effects explained above.

It’s not a dietary supplement though, it’s a clinical drug used for fitness under “research – use only” label.

It’s necessary to have a trusted supplier. This is definitely it!

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