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Probiotics for men – prostate health and beyond

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Under probiotics for men we can consider certain things.

To be honest benefits of probiotics for men, only for men are not that well studied.

Most of the key differences between men and women’s physiology come from the effect of different steroid hormones men and women have and their physiological effect on organs.

And of course we have to consider genetic factors between sexes.

This topic has been long ignored in academy public and just recently has been gaining its momentum.

We know from science and clinical practice that there are some diseases that are more prone for female than for male population.

For instance, if you see that osteoporosis is indicated for 80% female, there must be something to it.

This is an indication that physiological differences between sexes have to be taken into consideration by probiotics.

On one hand there’s a general beneficial function of probiotics as such.

We will get through them key benefits of probiotics – both male and female can benefit from taking them.

In this article, we will try to focus specifically on possible benefits of probiotics for men.

Common and different expectations in benefits

Probiotics have beneficial effects for both men and women.

It will be beneficial for both sexes to incorporate a daily synbiotic routine.

Common benefits – immunity is in your gut

You are a Universe – the 50% of you, you never met before.

There’s a community of 38,000,000,000,000 (that’s 38 trillion) microorganisms, mostly bacteria, living in and on your body. The majority of them reside in your gastrointestinal tract, but many others live in diverse places like your mouth, your skin, and your armpits.

They represent 50% of you by cell count. Collectively, the genes harbored in these trillions of microbial cells constitute your microbiome.

Whether we want or not the bacterias live inside us. We inherit them from our mothers when we are born. But, not all of the bacterias are bad. See, the bacterias are of the oldest species – the living creatures inhabiting the planet Earth. Not all bacterias are harmful to us as organisms.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions. Among trillions of bacterial species, some pose a real danger to a human organism. Most of the bacterias are looking for symbiotic living with their host.

Just, think about that. Why would a guest – bacterias – want to kill their host, if he or she’s providing anything they need to live and reproduce themselves?

Well, yes, some bacterias want to kill you. Because life is not perfect. Perfection does not exist.

If there are bacterias, that want to kill you – you got to have a strong immune system that takes care of them.

Most of our immunity is in our guts – we have more and more evidence to it.

To read more about benefits of probiotics our guts check this article out.

Common benefits – benefits beyond your gut

Whether we are considering probiotics for men or women we both create fatty – acids called butyrate.

Well, not we, but our friends bacterias do.

Butyrate is a powerful agent in reducing inflammation. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties that mean it reduces oxidative stress caused by environmental & nutrition factors.

It also manages the production of regulatory T-cells (the ones that help your body distinguish between self and intruder).

Beyond this, bacteria also synthesize essential vitamins B and K, defend against E. coli and other intruders in the urogenital tract, and for women, balance pH and protect from unwanted yeast in the vaginal biome.

Lastly metioned differences are the ones we are going to talk later in this article.

All this to say that our bacteria play an incredibly complex and critical role in helping us thrive.

Scientists are constantly discovering new associations between our microbiome and our health. New findings around the gut-brain axis are emerging which indicate that our gut flora may even impact our mood, appetite, behavior, and circadian rhythm—functions we thought were relegated just to the brain.

Men and women take superb probiotics. (Synbiotics actually, we explain this term a bit later)

Common probiotics benefits

benefits of probiotics

Cardiovascular health

Probiotics may help to maintain blood cholesterol levels already in the normal range. They support healthy intestinal recycling of cholesterol and bile

benefits of probiotics

Enhances Immunity

Supports healthy gut immune function and ‘cross-talk’ between immune and intestinal cells. Increases production of short-chain fatty acids.

benefits of probiotics

Fewer antibiotics & medicine

Daily Synbiotic helps to maintain healthy gut barrier function and integrity. You may be less prone to take antibiotics during regular flu pandemics

benefits of probiotics

Secondary health benefits

Taking care of your microbiome has other health benefits. Probiotics promote healthy skin. They reinforce healthy gut-skin axis

beneftis of probiotics

Synthesis of micronutrients

They Support folate (vitamin B9) production via intestinal synthesis of bioactive forms of folate. Probiotics support intestinal synthesis of vitamin B12 in vitro

benefits of probiotics

Feeling good

Yes, if you are taking care of your microbiome and guts your mood may be enhanced. The reason is enteric – nervous system we have in our guts.

All of these mentioned factors can have positive effect on skin health.

probiotics for men

Probiotics for men – specific expectations of benefits

Men have specific expectations when it comes to health benefits.

This comes down to different genetic, hormonal or lifestyle factors.

There are certain benefits of probiotics such as vaginal health support that certainly does not include any benefit on men.

However, certain implications of benefits such as liver or prostate health might be specific targets for male population.

Men have historically consumed more alcohol and are actually physiologically better – equipped to digest it than women.

Alcohol creates minor damage to liver and our intestines than may be helped with taking probiotics.

It’s however best to mitigate alcohol consumption to low levels.

Probiotics for men – Prostate Health

Ah, we men all fear of prostate cancer.

This is the worst outcome.

Believe it or not there prostate cancer is the second most diagnosed in the U.S.

There is increasing evidence that diet and lifestyle plays a crucial role in prostate cancer biology and tumourigenesis – build of cancer cells.

To be frank, there’s a little data concerning the effects of probiotics in prevention of prostate cancer.

But, there are some clues, why probiotics for men could be considered beneficial in regards prostate health.

There is some research that selective bacterias may have tumor suppressive effect.

We talked already a bit about butyrate.

There is another reducing agent called glutathione – that is believe to inactivate food-borne carcinogens.

Glutathione together with butyrate may influence decrease in triglycerides, phospholipids and low-density lipoproteins, which are required for tumour growth.

The best prevention is regular examination and proper – non excessive diet.

There is a very interesting study that hypotheses that

Gastrointestinal microbiota may have a markedly different composition among individuals with higher prostate cancer risk.

In this study it was stated that hypothesized that Individuals with higher prostate cancer susceptibility may potentially have microbial profiles that are more conducive to intestinal inflammation and/or less favorable for the metabolism and uptake of chemopreventive agents, certain micronutrients, etc.

Although, this is a field that needs some years of research, common sense urges, that inflamed gut might misbehave rather than healthy gut would.

What probiotics for men to choose

There are state of the art probiotics.

We are big fans of seed probiotics.

Seed probiotics for men is perfect strategy for your daily synbiotic.


Well, yes probiotics is not the full picture.

But, we did not want to get that deep into it.

The scientists speak more about synbiotics rather than probiotics.

Because probiotics if they are good come with prebiotics (stuff that probiotics eat).

Together they make up synbiotics.

Why synbiotics are superior

The prebiotics and probiotics mentioned above rely on each other and work synergistically to ensure the health of the whole organism. A healthy microbiome has been correlated with good health and an unhealthy microbiome has been correlated with health problems. [12]

Historically speaking, getting an ideal blend of both was pretty easy. Eating a traditional diet replete with fermented foods (think real sauerkraut), cooked-and-cooled potatoes, and perhaps some butyrate-rich grass-fed butter would’ve probably been enough to keep things in homeostasis. [13]

Today, however, things have changed. Food quality is so poor that finding probiotic-rich foods is difficult and/or highly expensive.

This impracticality is one of the many reasons we decided to combine prebiotics and probiotics into a new format: the Synbiotic. It features an optimal balance of both types of bacteria in a single daily capsule. 

Seed 1024x339, Inex Life

Get the best synbiotics on the market

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