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Blood Flow Optimizer


(3 customer reviews)

Buy 2, Get 1 FREE.Improve Blood Flow & Maximize Circulation, While Strengthening & Cleaning Your Arteries

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3 reviews for Blood Flow Optimizer

  1. Sheik

    Hi Dr. Sam thank you again for your email so much good information you have share with me.

    I am using your product Blood flow Optimizer under two weeks now and what a great improvement to my health I am noticing.

    I am getting so much harder eriction all the time now like I was in my 20 without me thinking about any sexual taught. I am more responsive and flexible.

    I am also taking Alphaviril I have seen and feel so great changes in my body.

    Thank you for these two great products that have done so much for me in a short time.

    Blood flow Optimizer and Alphaviril.

    So I can imagine as I keep thinking these two products as time goes on how my health will improve more within and outward appearance and mentally and physically.

    Thanks again

  2. Aaron

    Dr Sam! I’ve been using AlphaViril long term because it’s absolutely amazing. Anyone who has any doubt, forget it about it. Get it, try it and get your “mojo” back, LOL

    Because alphaViril worked so well, I also bought my dad Blood FLOW Optimizer and hope to get him off medication. I bought him 3 bottles, since it was a better deal. I then tried some myself a month later because my dad had positive results. And I couldn’t believe it….I felt tingling and circulation in my feet and fongers I haven’t felt since I was about 5…. and I’m 32……

    So next, I got my dad Blood PRESSURE optimizer because of his hypertension. His medication is giving him a lot of problems. In 3 weeks he lowered his blood pressure, amazing! I mean, it still has a little more to go, but with your product it’s been around 130/80 and we want to bring it down to 120/75. I can’t wait for the ongoing improvements.

    .You’re products are truly life/health altering….. my dad’s actually a radiographer and works with doctors will and it’s crazy how they won’t say anything bad about it (cause they can’t) but they just don’t care. I tell everybody though.

  3. earl

    Dr. Sam you have my permission to use all or part of what I am sending you that may be helpful to someone else in my condition.

    I am a male 86 years old 5′ 6″ and weigh 156 pounds. Several years back I started having problems running out of breath and having chest pains at that time they did a nuclear scan and said that I was not in terribly bad shape. But as time progressed walking from my boat to the car approximately 85 steps it got to where I had angina and arm pain even when I stopped halfway and rested a while so I finally decided to let him do a heart cath and found 80 to 99% blockage.

    Of course the first thing they wanted to do was open heart I turned that down, Next they wanted to put stints in one at a the time a couple weeks apart due to other health problems and I stated that I was going to take a little time to decide.

    I started searching for information on cholesterol lowering drugs and at this time I found your site showing CholesLo and Blood flow optimize after reading your information I ordered your products and started on it as I finished up on vinegar mix. In 90 days worth of use (3 bottles of each), my cholesterol has improved dramatically. I also feel better circulation in my feet and legs. Thus, BOTH of your products have worked as you’ve stated.

    Even though I’m an older man, I do not consider myself OLD. I decided to next try Alpha Viral. Within the first week, I’ve FELT my libido and erections improve and this is at half the dose. I wanted to start low, as your bottle has instructed. My energy levels have also gone up. The only negative is I have a faster heart rate, but my blood pressure is NOT elevated. So, that’s good. A small price to pay for better erections, energy and libido.

    This means that you are 3 for 3. Three great products you’ve made have worked excactly as you’ve stated. Even better than I had hoped for. My sincere gratitude for your work and for giving hope to an “older” man. Thank you

    I am also including a list of my medications and possibly you could suggest removing some or adding something else that could benefit me. And possibly my stomach as it bothers me some of the time. By the way I stopped taking the aspirin because of one of your articles from the British medical Journal. Thank you very much.

    2 Blood Flow Optimizer – better circulation
    3 Alpha Viril – Energy % Testestrone
    3 CholesLo – improving lipids
    1 Bicalutamide 50mg To lower PSA
    1 Atorvastatin 10mg Cholesterol (I’ve lowered the dose in half since CholesLo)
    1 Isosorbide mn er 60mg Hart Morning
    2 Furosemide 40 mg Water
    2 Klor-comm10mg Potasium
    1 D3 2000 IU
    1 Mago7 Colon Cleanse Good
    1 Levothyroxine 112mcg Thytoid
    1 Liothyronine 25 mg Help with T 4
    2 Cranberry 12600 mg Kidney support
    1 Eliquis 2.5 mg Blood Thinner (cut in half since Blood Flow Optimizer)
    1 Skate liver oil help clear blockage
    2 CQ10 100 mg Help Hart
    1 Lecitain 1200mg Help hart
    1 Apple Cider Vinegar 500mg

    PS I have passing along your web site to friends!

    Yours Truly,

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