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This is the book written by author during the times, when he was selling on Amazon. The product was nutritional supplement that was ceasing the anxiety, yet it did not turn off cognition. It was suitable for day – to – day, rather challenging activities. Meant for high – achieving, motivated people, who feel the anxiety, but in the end, they are not afraid to take a chance and doing it – going on that job interview, taking a chance to talk in public, asking that attractive lady to go on a dinner. Yes, the incentive idea was to design a pill, that would ease people when going on a date. Now, do we need a pill for that? Great, question, but it is a long answer. To make it short I think (and as I was getting hundreds of feedback from the customers) it could have helped a lot of people. The mind is reclaimed easier, when there is a pill inside of us, instead of pure holistic, natural approach – to rely only on our ability to work with the mind. At least that is what is taught by our culture, especially pharmaceutical companies are brainwashing us to believe in it.

My opinion has changed over the years, although I was propelled and continued selling this product for more than two years, since the feedback was great. I found out, that what I love on the business the most is customer satisfaction – five stars, words of support, you name it, gave me more energy. This product ceased to exist though. And I accepted it, and I am actually thankful. If you are asking what happened, simple there was a new FDA regulation that urged me to change the product formula, that no longer could deliver the same outcomes. I decided to discontinue the distribution since it could not deliver the same quality. Anyway, the book is there.

Born of Conscious man

So, now you know the awkward references to this dating pill. That was the impetus behind this book, but I still believe this book brings value as a standalone product. Its principles are applicable without the pills, actually it is better this way! Its focus is to become conscious. To be fully aware of yourself and to fully take responsibility for your life and especially for your mind. This comes to what was said in the beginning, about pharmaceuticals companies. If you do not take this responsibility, they will surely think for you. The whole culture is built that way. It gives us stereotypes and thinking patterns. Instead choose yourself – become conscious. I picked up topics that could be meaningful and there are lot of practical exercises from the sphere of emotional intelligence. I think this book brings value as it is resourceful with honest aim to help people. After all, that is what gives me pleasure, well money is nice, but it is even nicer when it comes second – I mean after you delivered a good service to a person. But this is, of course, FREE for you! So, I hope you like it!



1 review for Born of Conscious Man downloadable book

  1. Patere

    This book consists of blog articles that obviously come from business support. It deals a lot about social anxiety, emotional intelligence, and overall personal development. it was not a particular game-changer for me, and through a lot of pages, I skipped. Nevertheless, some parts were really thrilling. I personally really like the part about “selling all the time and never be afraid of it”, because I am seller myself, so it was good to “hear” that someone has the same opinion on that topic. The seller asked me to review this, so here it this – definitely not a waste of your time, might inspire you.

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