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Business Foundations


(5 customer reviews)
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  • Analyze and improve business processes in services or manufacturing

  • Manage people through motivation and reward systems

  • Read income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements

  • Understand branding and go-to-market strategies

5 reviews for Business Foundations

  1. jennifer b

    really enjoyed Professor Kahn’s part of the course, and Professor Bell was good but his subject matter was less interesting to me. Professor Fader was unclear even after repeated viewings.

    The biggest problem with the course was the terrible editing. Sentences were cut off in the middle. Instructors would say they would talk about subject X next and the video would end. Mini-quizzes were given before the material was covered, and some questions on the final were never explained. It was clear that the course designer never watched the completed course to check if everything made sense.

    Because the organization was so bad, I decided not to complete the specialization. I expected better from an Ivy League school.

  2. diane s

    You need to watch it a couple of times and take really good notes. There are fine lines between a number of the examples and it isn’t clear at first. But, as you read it again and understand it, the answer becomes more clear to you.

  3. lori k

    I learned a lot in this course, much of which I can apply to my current position. I liked all the professors. A couple of comments regarding improvements:

    It would be great to have the professors’ slides in a separate file (like they have for the accounting course).

    I wish the material could be updated – particularly in the discussions of online retailing – everything was from 2013, and a great deal has changed since then. I know that in 2013, my company had no online presence – now we use social media to engage our agents, recruit new agents, advertise, etc. I think with the changes in technology moving so quickly now, this is one segment of the course that felt very dated.

  4. han z

    Really perfect course providing a very first overview of Marketing. As an employee working in Luxury retail domain, this helps me build a basic marketing/business vision. Many thanks to all 3 professors and looking forward to another challenge ! Thank you

  5. Alison z

    Great intro course to morden marketing concept and mindset.

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