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Career Success


(5 customer reviews)
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This series of courses will help you build, develop and hone the essential skills needed to improve your employability and advancement in today’s dynamic workforce. The courses in this Specialization may be taken in any order. Each course can also be taken independently. The Specialization concludes with a Capstone project that will give you the opportunity to integrate and apply the skills you have gained throughout the courses to your individual and organizational needs.


  • Apply management principles and problem-solving skills

  • Communicate with co-workers and produce clear and concise writing

  • Manage your time and plan projects effectively

  • Understand finance and use winning negotiation strategies

5 reviews for Career Success

  1. sk ms


    Excellent Global Education Portal to All!! I personally appreciate to Foundation that they are doing a great Holy Responsibilities for mankind. I wish all the best.

  2. amit s p

    Project Management: The Basis For Success Is Really Helpful For Me Personally. This Course Helps Me To Buildup My Skills And Leadership Qualities. I’m Really Thankful To University Of California, Irvine For Providing Me The Opportunity To Improve Myself And Also It Will Be My Pleasure To Thank!!! Coursera For Providing Such A Great Platform For Individuals Looking Opportunity But Somehow They Are Not Been Able To Pursue It. THANK YOU!!!

  3. maria v

    It was great, a very sintetized way to deploy a project management. Its was really interesting and applicable to professional and personal life, which is very important.

  4. jacqueline j

    I found the course exceptionally suitable and beneficial for me. I have no experience in project management neither did I think I could begin to understand it with all its complexities. This course thought me some principles that enabled me to look into the subject matter as well as delve deeper into issues and points raised. I have been thrown in on the deep end as I begin to look at running a project which lead me to consider doing this course. I am now much clearer on the issues that arise and the importance of managing a project and including stake holders in the project design, I have management skills but the module on Team Management and Working with Difficult Behaviours was fantastic. it was presented in a way that I could understand and not be to overwhelmed as a first time learner about the profession of project management. I highly recommend it. I have come away feeling empowered to take on the task ahead as well as confident to request specialist support in areas I need it but I am happy to have an overall working knowledge of the subject area.

  5. bajirao d

    I have learnt a lot from course it will help me to gain and apply knowledge and understanding of personal and professional awareness, organization and commitment, and use the tools, methods and techniques that I have learned in goal setting, prioritization, scheduling, and delegation to overcome time management challenges and enhance productivity managing people and teams and how to manage a project to whole and also will help me to offers skills and knowledge I desperately needed.

    I would like to thank Prof. Rob Stone for providing me this opportunity to learn and do this course. Amazing tutor, really appreciate. And many thanks to University of California, Irvine for coming up with this amazing course and most importantly providing me financial aid where I was able to complete this course.

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