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Chemyo MK677 | MK-677 Ibutamoren Solution 25mg/ml – 50ml


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Read the whole description about SARMs as it is important to educate yourself first before utilizing these substances as they are not dietary supplements. SARMs are great and they work. They are relatively mild to what’s possible to get on the market, even the black market. They do have some negative effects too, as we’ll talk about them in the product’s description.

The biggest problem with SARMs is that you might not get SARMs at all.

Therefore you need a reliable supplier. Chemyo mk677 is a legit product. It’s third-party tested and people have years of experience with them, we too. So, if you’re 100% sure that you want to get SARMs then get it from a legit company. Here it is.  

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Chemyo mk677 is a legit type of SARMs you can get. And you better get a legit brand before you are really decided that you want to invest in SARMs. It’s not just a money investment, but an aware risk that you’re doing some fitness effort out of ordinary. SARMs are substances that can build just that muscle you need in order to feel good. Because sometimes it’s like that. You work hard at the gym, you try to eat clean and still you’re not ready to be cast in that Hollywood movie, ain’t that right? Maybe, then comes that investment in SARMs. So, okey, maybe after that cycle, when you cycle Chemyo MK677 or something other SARMs, maybe after that you’re really happy. And that’s worth it. But, first, read this.   chemyo sarms


Chemyo mk677 – SARMs 101

Chemyo MK 677 Ibutamoren and other SARMs are pretty harmless, but they do have to take their effectiveness from somewhere. Most of the good studies conducted on SARMs in general were done not on MK 677, but on MK – 2866 Ostarine and some LGD – 4033. And we can summarize what is the current knowledge. More we wrote here

The current knowledge on SARMs

Let’s summarize shortly what do we know:

  • They work
  • Sarms are not nutritional supplements
  • Not – FDA approved for human consumption
  • They do have side effects

Androgen receptor (AR) binding has tremendous potential in drug development.


Androgen receptor is widely known for its role in male sexual development and maintenance. It also has an important effect on bone density, strength, muscle mass, hematopoiesis, coagulation, metabolism, and cognition.

Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) are small molecule drugs that can exert varying degrees of both agonist and antagonist effects on AR in different tissues.

The tissue-specific effects of these agents are precisely what makes them attractive, as they can be tailored to address specific medical conditions while minimizing off-target effects.

Minimizing yeah…

But, it’s still present.

Every adverse effect of SARMS can be associated due to widespread and nonspecific activation of the AR in many different tissues.

And boy there are just too many ways they can interact with different tissues of your body.

Mechanism of SARM signaling. Like androgens, SARMs enter the cytoplasm, where they displace the androgen receptor from heat shock proteins. Once bound, they translocate to the nucleus and act as transcription factors by binding androgen response elements (AREs). Depending on the tissue type and regulatory environment of the cell, different co-regulatory proteins help determine and modulate the transcriptional response. HSP = Heat shock protein. AR = Androgen Receptor. ARE = Androgen Response Element.

Sarms Side Effects – safer than Testosterone

Androgen modulators remain promising agents in therapeutics. Testosterone is a well-known androgen modulator. It is not just promising but an actual treatment per se. Testosterone is one of the most widely used treatments of hypogonadism and is an option for treating cancer-related cachexia.

But, testosterone will suppress you. Its administration can lead to gynecomastia due to estrogen aromatization, erythrocytosis, reduced spermatogenesis, acne, male pattern baldness, and undesirable alterations in serum lipids, among other effects.

SARMS because they are selective are believed to mitigate side effects of Androgen modulation.

Compared with steroidal androgens, SARMs appear to be much better tolerated with few incidences of severe adverse effects.

And one big shot here. They are clinically trialed on people. Yeah, not rats, not rabbits, but real people.

Enobosarm or Ostarine was tested in two double-blind placebo-controlled phases III clinical trials in lung cancer patients at risk for cachexia.


While enobosarm significantly improved muscle mass in both trials, it only marginally increased the physical function. But, it was administered in a clinical trial phase III and patients showed rather plausible tolerance of the substance.

Foremost SARMS may be orally administered. This helps to reduce the risk of accidental exposure, as can be seen with topical testosterone.   SARMs  

Is Chemyo mk677 and other SARMs safe

If you are tired of reading check at least this video out. It gives you a good SARMs 101 foundation. 


The known adverse effects of Chemyo mk677 and of Other SARMs

Again, the studies we are researching do not chemyo mk677 ibutamoren, but the widest research was conducted on ostarine and LGD. 


A GlaxoSmithKline study for muscle wasting in young men and postmenopausal women showed overall tolerance of the majority of participants. The study states the administration of GSK2881078, a SARM as well tolerated with the most common adverse events being constipation, dyspepsia, and nausea.

This was observed only in 3 subjects out of 89 in total.

This study further concludes that – One female subject developed a maculopapular rash with biopsy consistent with a drug reaction, two female subjects developed elevated ALT values 2–2.5 time the upper limit of normal during treatment, and two male subjects experienced muscle soreness and elevated CK levels weeks into the follow-up period.

Even other studies are quite precise in measurement that the administration of SARMS decreases the levels of HDL Cholesterol.

Particurarly intesresting in a SARM called LGD – 4033.

LGD is a different topic than Chemyo MK-677 though, but still an interesting study here

LGD is one of the most popular SARM in the “market”. It’s a very potent SARM where it is being said that it’s at least 10 times as powerful as enobosarm or ostarine.

It was tested in a placebo-controlled study of 76 healthy men randomized to either placebo treatment, 0.1mg, 0.3mg, or 1.0mg of LGD-4033 daily for 21 days.

Overall LGD was well tolerated, and the adverse event frequency was similar between placebo and dosing groups. Expected dose-dependent suppression of testosterone levels and sex hormone-binding globulin levels was seen, with a free testosterone level depression seen only in the 1.0mg group.

As in other studies, LGD decreased the level of HDL but increased the levels of ALT – alanine aminotransferase.

This enzyme – alanine aminotransferase is associated with liver or heart damage. This may be a marker that SARMs may pose a risk of hepatoxicity – any changes leading to elevations and pathologic hepatic transformations.

Not cool, but the statement that LGD raised ALT does not have to mean that it’s necessarily damaging your liver. But, I would bet that it’s not doing it any good as well.

Risks of Sarms on the cardiovascular system are not very well known and need further studies to evaluate.

SARMs Side Effects – the real danger

Going away from studies we have a real world.

SARMs are…interesting. They work!. They give you muscles and you can feel like a little king or a fitness queen.

Yeah, Sarms are probably even a bigger hit for women than for men.

Regeneration is awesome. And depending on your cycle you can expect anything from 2 – 6 kilos of muscle gain.

But, there are adverse events.

We saw above that HDL level – good cholesterol that protects our cardiovascular system is decreasing when SARMs are administered.

Nausea, occasional rashes, joint pain, lethargy, free testosterone suppression are common when SARMs are used.

Still, it’s relatively safe…

And it brings so much needed boost to the world of sexy bodies on Instagram, especially before summer.

SARMs Side effects – you have to consider this

SARMS are not dietary supplements. They are not FDA Approved. Do you know what’s the most crucial consequence of this?

There is so much junk being sold online. Usually, it’s not SARMS that is giving you headaches and nausea, and other adverse side effects.

Most of the guys on SARMS forums have terrifying experiences because they did not even know what they bought. They believed that they bought SARMS, but in the end, they ended up with anabolic substances that made them sick.

You need a trusted supplier, someone tested – someone that is getting you what’s on the label. It needs to be a 3rd party tested.


And that’s why we are offering you Chemoy MK 677 one of the best suppliers on the SARMs “market’ today. 

There might be a clue that mk677, chemyo mk677 for that matter might be tender with liver…


Chemyo mk677 Ibutamore also sometimes called Nutrobal

MK-677, also known as Ibutamoren or Nutrobal, is commonly referred to as a SARM, a selective androgen receptor modulator, but it is actually a Human Growth Hormone secretagogue, meaning that it stimulates the pitutary gland to secrete HGH.

MK-677 has been shown to increase fat-free mass; enhance sleep quality; improve healing of muscle, bone, and ligaments; lower LDL cholesterol; improve hair and skin appearance; and improve overall sense of well-being.

MK-677 does not cause pituitary sensitization, nor does it suppress the body’s production of Growth Hormone.

Because Ibutamoren doesn’t stimulate testosterone, there are no chances of aromatization, or danger to the liver, kidney, or prostate.

Chemyo mk677 Product Specifications

MK677 | MK-677 Ibutamoren Solution 25mg/ml – 50ml MK-677 2.5% solution. High affinity ghrelin receptor agonist (pKi = 8.14). Growth hormone (GH) secretagogue; stimulates GH to release from rat pituitary cells in vitro (EC50 = 1.3 nM) and enhances GH plasma levels in vivo. Application A potent, non-peptide ghrelin receptor agonist Concentration 2,5% (25mg/ml) Composition 10% ethanol, 87.5% deionized water, 2.5% MK-677 (>98% purity) CAS 159752-10-0 Molar Mass 528.662 g/mol Chemical Formula C27H36N4O5S Synonyms Ibutamoren, MK-677, MK-0677, L-163,191, L163191, Nutrobal Storage Minimize open-air exposure, store in a cool dry place Reports Click Here Terms The products we offer are intended for laboratory research use only. Please familiarize yourself with our Terms & Conditions prior to ordering.

7 reviews for Chemyo MK677 | MK-677 Ibutamoren Solution 25mg/ml – 50ml

  1. Sterling

    Awesome! Worked just as we had hoped.

  2. Gregory

    Excellent customer service, fast and accurate!

  3. Archer

    This chem works perfectly to alleviate sleep research issues, I would highly recommend it to anyone.

  4. Chalimar

    Very good. Will buy again.

  5. Nemanja S.

    Product is everything as advertised!! Shipping very fast!! Will definitely do business again!

  6. Johnny s.

    Product seems to be pure and works well. Order was received in a timely manner as well! Highly recommend Chemyo and will be ordering again soon. And yes I am a real person , no I don’t sell anything ! Haha thanks Chemyo

  7. Ronald Roberts

    As far as my test subject goes, this is a superior product.

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