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CholesLo – 3 Bottles


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Buy 2, Get 1 FREE. CholesLoª A Proven & Easy Solution, Which Dramatically Lowers Your Cholesterol Levels In Only 30-Days

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CholesLo’s 20+ year powerful formula contains only natural, organic, NON-GMO ingredients, supported and validated by real scientific research, proving both effectiveness and safety.

The optimal effective dosage & correct herbal extracts are used, to maximize the positive benefits and results. Because of this, balanced & healthy cholesterol, lipid & triglyceride levels can be seen and verified in in only 30 days.

A healthy diet & regular exercise program is important & it helped, but it wasn’t enough. This is because cholesterol problems are primarily caused by a negative change in hormones due to AGING.

CholesLo™ is the ONLY doctor formulated, “all-in-one” natural remedy to promote optimal cholesterol and lipid levels. Delivers key nutrients that your body needs as its aging, to help heal itself from within, resulting in total cholesterol health and balanced lipid levels. There are NO reported side-effects or negative drug interactions.

2 reviews for CholesLo – 3 Bottles

  1. Jeanne

    I started CholesLo about a year, or more ago. I recently had my bloodwork done for my annual check-up. Here’s how the results compare with the previous labs….

    Before CholesLo:
    CHOL: 239
    TRIG: 153
    HDL: 56
    LDL: 152

    After CholesLo for about one year:
    CHOL: 207
    TRIG: 97
    HDL: 68
    LDL: 122

    The normal range to compare is:
    CHOL: 100-200
    TRIG: 40
    LDL: <130

    My cholesterol ratio was 3.3 this year, 2013 vs. 4.3 in 2011. I still have some work to do. But I am thrilled!! I will not be taking medication. This has inspired me to do better and be more active. Thank you so much. What a gift!!

    Jeanne D.

  2. Drake

    My cholesterol was always normal … even into my 40’s. My diet didn’t change much and if anything, I got healthier as I got older. If for no other reason, just to watch my weight. I did a blood test a while back and my cholesterol was 247. Again, not bad, but not good. I didn’t want to take any drugs. I improved my diet even more … more fiber and even more exercise. It improved to 229.

    That’s good, but I figured before it got worse as I aged, I better get on something, hopefully herbal. My brother in law told me about CholesLo and he gave me one of his bottles. I only took half the dose the first two week and then normal dose after that.

    I didn’t feel any different. I ordered a couple more bottles from your site and used the product for a little over 3 months and then it was time for my check up.

    To my amazement, my cholesterol had dropped to 182… that’s a 62 point drop in only 12 weeks! I couldn’t believe it and the doctor was even more amazed. He wanted to see your bottle’s ingredients and I told him I will bring it in on the next visit. You knows, maybe he’ll be your next customer =)

    Take care and thanks!

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