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EPM Framework book

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A Well – organized and adequately expressed life deserves to
be called beautiful no less than a well-conceived statue

What is the purpose of living and being in this world? This book is not going to be philosophical, but highly practical. Yet, its focus is based upon this fundamental idea – how to live the best life possible from the day we were born to the day we perish.

Without too much epistemology and focus on the past works of great authors, who have previously written on this topic, this book will foremost plot practical guidelines that we believe are worth following if one wishes to have a great life and fulfill one’s purpose.

A life well – lived can be broad in definition and reflective of the concerns and wishes of many. The universal purpose of life would be hard to define, but we can find certain patterns that we can all agree on and relate to. First, as we visualize ourselves lying on our death beds, we all hope that we led a life that was worth living. We fear and despise wasted potentials, capacities, and what we believe could have been great experiences. Since we humans are emotional creatures, this feeling persists.

There are patterns of life that every person on the planet shares despite the differences that exist among each of the 7 billion. This book could discuss how everyone wants health and energy, love, success, social adoration, sex, career success, etc. Rather the value of this book lies in its discussion on how to achieve a sense of fulfillment within the spheres of these activities.

We believe there are two qualities of life that one needs to follow. First is the self-organization of one’s life and the second is self-expression. Self- organization refers to how an individual behaves over time based on their goals. We have never seen a highly successful individual who has not been well –  organized and disciplined in managing their time.

Another one is self-expression – the expression of one’s thoughts, feelings, or ideas. It is important that one can express themselves as they desire in their interactions with others.

Andy Warhol has said: Don’t pay any attention to what they write about you.  Just measure it in inches.

We wish to be remembered and admired by others in the way that we see ourselves.  It’s of course not in our control entirely, but being honest in our self-expression is
an important part. Expressing our true selves is not a static thing, to do once and be done with it. It is an ongoing process very much connected to creativity – the power to shape his world according to one’s sight.

One achieves self-expression if they find the courage to do so. One should devote their time and money into gaining experiences and new perspectives to learn how to best express oneself.  We believe if you master your own time, mind and have enough courage to get active and express yourself – you are on your path to your lives’ fulfillment.
We felt it necessary to highlight these two concepts that focus on living a quality

Join us on this path of ever enhancement to build the best version of you


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