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How to start a dropshipping business


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Here’s how I created a site from a mere idea to a functional site standing –

I see a lot of questions on Quora like:

What business can I start for less than $100? What business can I start with low – cost, low overhead and etc.

In the world of the internet, this is possible! You can start your own business for less as low as $100.

And I show you exactly how to do it.

Who is this for

This is not for intermediate masters of internet marketing. My intention was to show these “how to start a business for $100” guys.

To business and app terms I have some notes that need to be said, read more.

But, this is a very neat illustration that it is possible, and you can just one afternoon get an idea, validate it and next day start building your future business.

If you really want to take advantage of online businesses – that is a huge worldwide market with low – cost overheads to start, you need a website or an app.

And one day I had this idea because I am a football fan and the world cup in Russia 2018 is coming, so I said, ok, let’s do it then!

With a $100 budget, you don’t need to even validate or make a feasibility study, you just do it! You have seen and will see $100 bucks in the future.


Big market

You should start your business in a niche that is valid and it’s clear that there are numbers behind it.

If you started on Amazon, you could check how are similar products being sold and start from that.

Here’s obvious that Fifa World cup is a big business.

3,5 billion people are watching World cup and they are willing to spend millions or rather billions of dollars.

Of course, there are also specifications for a niche. Fifa World cup is obviously run by Fifa. So, it is a monopoly sort of…

But, what the heck? If you can start for a couple of bucks, then what’s the hindering us to start right? Just a little effort, some googling, WordPress handling, maybe hiring some freelancers to make you a logo or specific customizations.

And in this course, I want to show you, how I went from a very spontaneous idea to the functional site that is ready to sell some action.


Is $100 really enough?

Most people will tell you that for less $100 you can start a dropshipping business.

Well, let’s face it. Business and an app are a bit different terms. The app is a function. If you want to have a business out of an app, you need to have paying customers, steady flow of traffic, it has to move value around.

My intention was to show you that for $100 you can build an app or a site. You can build something neat and get products from a supplier, put a margin on it and start doing business.

Of course, for that, you need to get customers to your store.

And that requires either money or time – sweat capital.

So, I am not gonna tell you that $100 is the end of a road. You can then spend thousands of dollars if you want into your dropship store. But, it does not negate that you started and set up the business for $100.

There’s another way how to make money from building a site for these kinds of costs.

And actually, something that I am going to try and update you how it went.

I will try to flip this site on

That’s actually one way how you can make money. From idea to a website, and flip it with a %1000 margin.

But, still, if you want a dropship business, you need to invest at least extra $300 to marketing. First, to test your ideas, what keywords might work and what not.

To test your demographics, what is working on people and what is obviously not.

I haven’t gotten to this side of dropship site since my intention is to sell right now.

Writing this I still have like almost three months to decide where to go from here. So, if I won’t sell this, I can get a couple of bucks together and try to some paid advertising (SEO is purposeless at this stage and time).

If so, I am going to record some extra videos on paid advertising. This is, of course, something you can learn from blogs like Neil Patel or youtube.

There are a couple of courses on paid advertising management on Udemy also.

My intention was to show you that starting up for $100 is like one, two, three…So, if you ever wanted to start a business, you will see the whole process, how it went from an idea to a hope I would say. Hope, that from something very little can become a huge business, generating hundred of thousands, even millions of $.


So, what else to say? Hop on! It’s Free!








1 review for How to start a dropshipping business

  1. Emma Michalski

    I have been just through the first section, so it is hard to tell right now and I will update on this. But, so far so good. I have never built an online business, so this is definitely helpful.
    Emma Michalski

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