InEx Results Oriented Learning Course – Become a Super – Learner for your growth and success

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 Become a Super – Learner for your growth and success





Here’s to high – achievers, learners and growth lovers. What will get you most ahead in 21st century? Only learning my friends!

Long gone are the times when it was enough to finish up college, find a job and stay there for next 30 or 40 years. This, as we all know, is gone! No more job securities, and the only guarantee we have is that things will be changing constantly. Therefore we need to learn all our lives.

However, it’s enough to just learn. We need to know how to learn. Sure, it is cool to learn for fun – how to play an instrument, or let’s say pottery. That is perfectly fine and it enhances our learning abilities. But, first things first, we need to learn for personal growth (our characteristics – how to become a better, more conscious person) and how to earn more money.

You need to learn how to learn. What skills will get you your full life potential? We need to learn to identify what skills will help us to achieve our destination.


This course will give you


  • We will build foundations of result – oriented learning in you – your learning will then never be the same. You will learn mostly for your prosperity.


  • You will be building some project management study plans – it starts with a scope of who you want to become or what you want to achieve. You will start to work from that and build your resource and use the tools to support that.


  • We will give you awesome tips in the fields of speed – reading to do your research more quickly.


  • Awesome tips in the field of memorization, so you remember easier the important things.


  • We hope to encourage on your way to life – long learning. Learning = results = Life’s fullest potential


Syllabus – in the course sheet (downloadable) with resources as well


Section # 1 Learning = results

– Intro

– Video 1 – Learning = results Who is this for

– Video 2 – Learning = results Learner

– Video 3 – Learning = results formula and some methodological differentiation on information

– Video 4 – Principles on our learning formula

– Video 5 – Malcolm Knowles


Section # 2 Project – based learning

– Intro

– Video 1 – The scope of the project

– Video 2 – Time Management

– Video 3 – Time management Dual Activity and Pomodoro

–  Video 4 – Tools – XMind

–  Video 5 – Tools – Trello

– Video 6 – Wrapping Project based learning


Section # 3 Gathering Information and memorizing skills

– Intro

– Video 2 Information learning abilities – Reading and pre – reading

– Video 3 SQ3R Method

– Video 4 Reading techniques – sub – vocalizing

– Video 5 Reading techniques – saccades

– Video 6 Recalling – putting the important information into the working memory

– Video 7 Mnemonics and Associations

– Video 8 chunking

– Video 9: mental, preferably visual mental markers is the key to effective learning

– Video 10 memory palace

– Video 11 No mental barriers and mindfulness

– Video 12 repeating and spacing it out


Section #4: Being in Shape for learning

– Video 1 Keep being busy

– Video 2 Physical exercise & diet


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2 reviews for InEx Results Oriented Learning Course – Become a Super – Learner for your growth and success

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jerome Parker

    I am happy that I accidentally bumped up on this course. I was surprised how much value is in this for free content. Well some topics could be disintegrated more into tinier bits, but for an introductory course, thumbs up!

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    Thank you very much for this free, but valuable course! I had an impression that the author could be working with his tone of voice a bit more. Maybe, speed things up, sometimes I wanted to forward the videos, but overall there is value in it. I still have two more sections to go, so maybe I will adjust my ratings when I am done with it. Thanks!

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