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Lumonol Wisdom


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Cognitive Decline Can Go Beyond Just Lost Memories…

It is said that our retirement years can be our busiest! Dreams of travel, fine dining, and learning to Salsa all discarded for picking the grandkids up from school, learning to stop the cars Sat Nav from talking, and for some of us sadly, far too many trips to the Physician. Even worse however is that at this time of our lives memory loss, low energy levels, and brain fog can leave us feeling the world is moving just a little too fast to keep up and we can begin to lose our independence…


Experience and wisdom gifted to us in our senior years can be a powerful force. Sadly due to cell degradation, and lack of physical energy, many of us start to lose the confidence and ability to leverage these gifts. LumUltra Wisdom goes beyond an Energy Supplement to support brain function, aiding Memory, Mental Clarity and the Vitality needed to put a spring back in your step for a brighter future…

LumUltra Wisdom is a breakthrough brain supplement engineered for minds over 60 years young that does more than just help protect precious memories. Research into the individual nootropic ingredients in our formulation have been shown to help people of any age feel and perform :

  • Clarity of Thought†
  • Optimized Memory†
  • Enhanced Focus†
  • Increased Energy Levels†
  • Fewer Distracting Thoughts†
  • Nervousness Reduction†
  • Boosts Alertness†
  • Increased Memory†
  • Sharpened Focus†
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Seemingly Turn Back The Years…

There is no better feeling than the feeling of youthful vitality, mental wellness, and the confidence to keep up with the ever increasing pace of the world. Benefit from Wisdom today from less than $1.35 a day.

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Wisdom utilizes Ginkgo Biloba, a nootropic plant extract said to hold brain boosting properties. While Wisdom takes Ginkgo one step further by adding a further 8 potent ingredients for cognitive support and wellbeing.

wisdom ingredient1

N Acetyl L-Tyrosine (NALT)

Arguably the world’s most powerful nootropic, Noopept’s ability to boost levels of NGF has shown both short and long term focus and memory improvement. It also has anti-oxidant and neuroprotective properties, meaning it shields the brain from toxic substances and slows age-related neural cell damage. †

wisdom ingredient2


Originally derived from an ancient Chinese moss herb, Huperzine A brings both healing and cognitive enhancing benefits to the brain. Commonly used to treat age-related memory issues, Huperzine A works by increasing acetylcholine release in the brain ­(our learning neurotransmitters). †

wisdom ingredient3

Caffeine Anhydrous

CDP Choline – the highest quality form of choline available in nature – is often designated for those experiencing age-related memory issues. This useful and effective compound can also prevent any unwanted side effects and optimize your journey with nootropics. †

LumUltra Wisdom also uses a proprietary formula consisting of:
Bacopa Leaf Extract, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Panax Ginseng, Oat Straw, L-Theanine, Ginkgo Biloba

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Feel at your best – day in, day out…

Don’t let the frustrations of aging hold you back. With support to Clarity, Energy and Vitality levels, and a Memory that won’t let you down, let Wisdom help you to enjoy the greatest years of your life. Suitable for:

  • Minds over 60 years young
  • Active Seniors always on the go
  • People requiring cognitive boosts
  • People needing memory boosts
  • People wanting to feel and THINK young again

3 reviews for Lumonol Wisdom

  1. Mark Kelley

    I’m an Army veteran and I had pretty bad episodes of PTSD and chronic illnesses in the early years of my retirement. I rolled with the punches, as they say, and designed my diet and lifestyle around natural health. I’m an avid supplement taker, from fish oil to magnesium, and I lost so much weight especially around the belly.

    I encountered nootropics a year or so ago, and I felt it was a good fit for my aging brain and memory. We’ve got no history of Alzheimer’s or any of that sort, but I wanted to maybe be able to think better and more clearly. Doing it for my wife, who’s going blind, and for my grandkids whom I don’t see around often and want to build great memories with.

    LumUltra Wisdom performs as it promised, and I noticed several things since starting several months earlier: I’ve had a better time with stress at home and around the farm, I’ve had greater energy to do things, and I’ve actually won a lot more will power to stay fit and symptom-free. So far, so good, and I don’t have any complaints.

    My main takeaway is this: If we want to feel and look younger, why don’t we often work to engineer our minds to be much younger? Just a little food for thought there.

  2. Megan Martin

    I was at the end of my rope and didn’t waking to take pharmaceutical ADHD medications anymore when I came across LumUltra Wisdom and thought, hmmm this might be a good option. I got in touch with the manufacturer and they was quick and gracious enough to answer my questions and discuss some potential concerns I have with a specific ingredient. I gave it a try and it’s been some 20 days now since I began supplementing. The product has worked wonders, no doubt, with the improved mood, focus, and general energy I have to face the day. My current mindset is to continue purchasing from them – there’s no reason I shouldn’t!

  3. Daisy Mae R.

    Used this product while I was tapering off my meds and quitting caffeine, and after successfully doing so. LumUltra works: it made the transition much easier and I feel I don’t zone out anymore. The zero fatigue on most days also speaks volume of what it’s capable of doing. I’m not sure about its claim of being a good fit for younger people (who anyway don’t have to deal with aging yet), but I’m 100% certain that it works for seniors and people needing an extra boost in their memory and thinking.

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