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Lumultra – Lumonol Prime


2 BOTTLE TOTAL RECHARGE PACK (120ct) 30 Day Brain Enhancement & Daily Restful Sleep.The ingredients of Lumonol have been shown to help with focus issues bring clarity and help to those who struggle with poor productivity distractions occasional nervousnes

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Are issues with focus and distraction, poor memory, occasional nervousness, and fear, or a head full of scattered thoughts and ideas holding you back from achieving your true potential? Well now you can just relax… Lumultra, our core product, has fast become the secret weapon of choice for those looking to sharpen their edge and gain an advantage on who they were yesterday… †

LUMULTRA™ Experience Life without Limits with NOOPEPT™

The ingredients of Lumultra have been shown to help with focus issues, bring clarity and help to those who struggle with poor productivitydistractions, occasional nervousness, uneasy feeling or occasional forgetful memory. Clients have reported feeling more focused and alert, at ease in social environments, on their A game at work, better motivated to train and push themselves, and experience feeling calmer, less stressed, and more in control. †

Lumultra’s formula is spearheaded by the acetylcholine boosting Noopept, a powerful nootropic reported to aid learning and working memory. †  The magic interactions between our EnergyMemory, and Focus Blends have us certain no nootropic brain supplement can come close to getting you results like Lumultra. †

Coding, design, creativity, nightshifts, study sessions, Entrepreneur, stage performance, attention issues, heavy night, big presentation… Whatever your reason, Lumultra will have you on point.

  • Supports Cognitive Energy
  • Aids Working Memory
  • Extended Focus
bigbottle lumultra
focus iconFocus & Concentration
Support Working iconSupport Working
Optimize Mental iconOptimize Mental
Relaxation Frees iconRelaxation Frees
Up Creativity
Antioxidants iconAntioxidants
& Nutrients
Feel Sharper iconFeel Sharper


Most people who take Lumultra quickly become accustomed to feeling their best, with the days of procrastination, excuses, and untapped potential long behind them†. You too can now make these things part of your past, and not your future.


The First Premade Nootropic to Aid Mental Performance & Focus

Featuring a family of long-standing traditional herbal Nootropics, Lumultra packs a solid foundation of neuro process enhancers that supply the brain and body with the fundamental nutrients and subsequent levels required to optimize cognitive performance. On top of this, Guarana and Alpha GPC potentiates the Noopept to bring about support for mental alertness, memory and focus.†


Stage 1: Anxiolytic Properties allow Undistracted Focus

Reduces occational nervousness, uneasy feeling and daily stress, keeping you focused and distraction free. Noopept prevents free radicals and boosts oxygen to the brain providing mental clarity, more clear memories, and improved mood. †


Stage 2: Vasodilation Increases Vital Blood Flow

Increases blood flow to the parts of the brain responsible for memoryfocus, and motivation. This notifies the neurotransmitters to fire more signals per second resulting in a more effective use of brain power†.


Stage 3: Regaining Vision and Direction in Your Life

More money, a brighter outlook, passing that exam, or just getting more done… Nothing is possible without clear vision and drive. Lumultra brings clarity and focus to your life and the confidence to live a limitless life. †

A hybrid formulation coupling the very best from Mother Nature, with the pinnacle of cutting-edge Cognitive Enhancing synthetics. Lumultra’s formula was constructed in order to provide 3 distinct key benefits – improved cognitive energy, increased working memory, and sharpened focus. The ingredients that comprise our 3 nootropic blends have been selected for their individual benefits as well as their collective efficacy. Handpicking ingredients from the Ayurvedic system and coupling those with breakthrough discoveries such as Noopept, due to their interactions, has produced the closest thing to productivity bottled to date.

(Lumultra uses 25 mg)
(N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester)

Noopept is the heavy lifter in the Lumultra formula. Fast-working, high bioavailability, and above all else – results. In tests Noopept proved to be anxiolytic (stress relieving) while promoting cognitive health and memory benefits(1). Lumultra is a surefire investment for those serious about their personal performance and development. †

enery blend
focus blend
memory blend


From an exhausting training session, to a 12 hour nightshift, Lumultra is the perfect daily supplement to lift your spirits. Unleash untapped energy and drive to help you power through the toughest of challenges. won’t let you down.

  • Performance individuals seeking more drive
  • Students or late night crammers
  • People with hard time focusing on work
  • People who suffer from stress, occasional nervousness and uneasy feeling
  • Fitness orientated persons


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