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Amplify Your Mental & Physical Energy Levels With NITROamp’s® Smart Caffeine Formula. Experience Crash Free Dopamine Support With Soothing L-Theanine

If you are looking for the benefits of coffee (without the sugar, cream, and energy crash) then Smart Caffeine is the answer.

‘Smart Caffeine’ is the term given to a supplement that features Caffeine powder and L-Theanine mixed to a ratio of 1:2 respectively. In scientific studies this ratio’s ‘sweet spot’ has shown the following:

  • Caffeine wards off mental fatigue, boost productivity, and lift our moods by stimulating the production of Dopamine.
  • L-theanine has been shown to reduce Cortisol (stress) levels and promote relaxation ‘without sedation’ by increasing the brain’s Alpha Wave activity.

And while the side effects of taking Caffeine alone include jitters, anxiety, heart palpitations, and worse still – the heavy onset of mental fatigue – The soothing effects L-Theanine has on the central nervous system eradicate these negatives.

The result is NITROamp®; a ‘Smart Caffeine’ supplement that empowers you to say goodbye to the anxiousness, overstimulation, and ultimate crash often experienced with Caffeine, and say hello to 4 – 6 hours of smooth, crisp, mental, and physical energy.

Stress free, engaged, and confident.

Kickstart your day the healthier way with NITROamp® as a standalone Confidence, Energy, and Mood enhancement supplement.

Alternatively, pair with NITROvit® and find yourself with an abundance of energy to conquer that gym session, a relaxed sense of confidence when engaging in social activities and at work, or to fuel the get-up-and-go needed to accomplish arduous tasks and get things done.

  • Manufactured in New York, USA in a Certified G.M.P Laboratory
  • Guarana + L-Theanine Reduce Susceptibility to Distracting Information in Memory Tasks, Aiding Learning
  • Perfect for Workouts, Productive Study Sessions, and All-Day Confidence
  • Contains BioPerine® for more effective absorption (Bioavailability)
  • NITROamp® delivers amazing results within minutes.

What Can I Expect From Supplementing With NITROamp®?

Despite having only three ingredients, NITROamp® delivers a broad spectrum of benefits.
The Nootropic ingredients in NITROamp®, in scientific studies, have been conclusive in delivering improvements to each of the following:

1. Relaxation

2. Mental Alertness

3. Motivation & Mood
Guarana, L-Theanine

4. Attention
Guarana, L-Theanine

5. Power Output (Strength)

6. Anaerobic Capacity

7. Aerobic Capacity

8. Improved Reaction Times

9. Improved Sleep Quality

10. Increased Spatial/Perceptual

Who Does NITROamp® Benefit The Most?

First and foremost, NITROamp® is loved by those who combine it daily with NITROvit® to add real bite. NITROamp® delivers energy and confidence for those needing to be sharp and on point, engaged, calm, and without lethargy.

NITROamp® offers the unfair advantage to anyone who needs to bring their A-game.

The Socially Unconfident

If you are uncomfortable in social situations, freeze up or at a loss for words when put on the spot then NITROamp® offers a solution.

The Caffeine content blocks the neurotransmitter Adenosine’s receptors, increasing excitability in the brain, along with serotonin and dopamine production to improve mood.

L-Theanine’s ability to lower anxiety makes the combo highly effective at providing a worry-free sense of calm, positivity, and excitement – thus improving confidence – even around others.

Lethargic Anti-Exercisers

NITROamp® is the perfect all-natural pre-workout aid.

The Guarana smoothly provides increases to aerobic and anaerobic performance for a blistering workout without the sugars, additives, and overstimulation associated with nearly all OTC pre-workout supplements.

Many of us too often avoid exercise or gyms because we don’t actually want to be there, or find ourselves lacking the focus to make it count, yet NITROamp’s® ingredients provide a smooth crisp level of mental focus and energy for higher intensity workouts – with a smile on your face.

Those Needing A Lift

As we age, it is very easy to lose confidence and hope in ourselves and our abilities because of compromised mental acuity and sharpness in this fast-paced world.

NITROamp® combats this due to its ingredients improving reaction times, vigilance, information processing and results when performing concentration-based tasks.

When supplementing with NITROamp® you can expect to experience a new found spring in your step, calm, confident, and in control.

Make age nothing more than just a number.

Perform Under Pressure

Use NITROamp® when competing, presenting, or performing where focus and confidence are paramount.

The Guarana supplies the energy and concentration needed to win – paired with the L-Theanine to melt away any anxiety – leaving you to focus on bringing your best every time.

NITROamp® delivers the kind of crisp level of mental concentration and spirit needed to perform at your best, with L-Theanine regulating the central nervous system for unrivalled confidence under pressure.

Amp Yourself For Ultimate Performance

NITROamp® was designed to be taken with NITROvit® to boost the intensity of the mental energy supplied.

The Guarana and L-Theanine synergize perfectly with NITROvit’s® Own nootropic ingredients to amplify the results.

NITROamp® delivers for those looking to start their day with a smooth yet noticeable kick, while the BioPerine® aids in the bioavailability and absorption of each ingredient as it crosses the blood-brain barrier.

NITROamp paring: alone1. Use NITROamp® solo as a Mood, Confidence, and Energy Enhancer

NITROamp® works perfectly as a standalone supplement, ideal for long study sessions, strenuous or rigorous physical activity, hectic days requiring a calm and stable mind, or for those looking to come out of their shell and be more engaged and switched on.

And at just $17.97 – $0.59 a day – NITROamp® is a superb ‘daily driver’ for the budget conscious or those looking to dip their toe into the world of nootropics.

NITROamp paring: with NITROvit2. Pair NITROamp® with NITROvit® for the Ultimate Nootropic stack

The results a supplement delivers are often less about the individual ingredients and their benefits, and more to do with their interactions with each other.

NITROvit’s® Noopept® and Choline have a very powerful interaction with the Guarana in NITROamp® delivering amplified focus, energy, memory, and mood.

Better still, NITROamp’s® BioPerine® makes the absorption of NITROvit’s® ingredients much more efficient.

NITROamp paring: with NITROdrive3. Pair NITROamp® with NITROdrive® for boosted energy and stamina

When stacking NITROamp® and NITROdrive® together you can expect to experience endless improvements to stamina, libido, and energy levels.

Take the two supplements together before intimacy with your partner and take 10 years off the ‘virility clock’.

Caffeine is found in endless sexual enhancement products and its interactions with NITROdrive’s® Horny Goat Weed and Maca Root show why.

Upgrade Your Mental And Physical Performance from as little as $17.97 with 1 Year to TRY!

“If like me, you want the benefits of Coffee – without the sugar and cream – then ‘Smart Caffeine’ is the answer. Smart Caffeine is the term given to a supplement that features Caffeine and L-Theanine at a ratio of 1:2 respectively.

The ‘1:2 sweet spot’ delivers amazing results within minutes. I however was always disappointed with the industry standard use of low-grade (and poor performing) Caffeine Anhydrous powder.

I knew we could create better and for that reason I looked to the Amazon Rainforest to locate the purest Guarana for a smoother source of clean energy… NITROamp® was born.

With the highest quality L-Theanine providing all the benefits this Green Tea extract is known for, we created the kind of slow-burn energy a cup of coffee can’t provide.”

Archie , Founder and President – ⭕ PROJECT NOO YOU

 Our Promise

“Archie speaking. Not only are you purchasing the very supplements I created for myself, but also the supplements I still rely on to this day.

When I built the Project Noo You company, I wanted to create the sort of business I’d personally love to be a customer of.

For that reason I’ve done all I can to ensure that your order comes with everything you’ll need to start your own journey, on the path to creating a Noo You…”

  • A comprehensive Guide for best results
  • 1 Year Money Back Guarantee
  • 24 Hour customer support
  • Same day shipping on orders before 1pm
  • Speedy Delivery
  • Discreet packaging
  • Tracking number on all orders
  • Comodo SSL Secure Payments
  • PayPal buyer protection
  • The best supplements on the planet
  • The best customer service on the planet

What Are The Ingredients Powering NITROamp®?

NITROamp paring: aloneGuarana
300 mg
The Caffeine found in Guarana is a smooth yet powerful antioxidant used since the beginning of ancient Ayurvedic medicine to ward off fatigue, lift mood, and improve stamina.

Guarana is considered the highest quality source of Caffeine, even surpassing Robusta and Arabica.

The result has NITROamp® effectively triggering the release of Dopamine, while improving the responsiveness of the Serotonin receptors for hours of focused energy and improved athletic performance.

NITROamp paring: with NITROvit+ L-Theanine (Green Tea)
100 mg
L-Theanine supplementation brings about a relaxing sense of calm, but without sedating as common with anxiolytic Nootropics.

L-Theanine is known to ‘take the edge off’ stimulants such as Caffeine, while promoting attention and reaction time response.

It has also been shown to promote quality sleep whilst reducing psychological and physiological stress responses – perfect for operating within stressful situations or environments.

NITROamp paring: with NITROdrive+ BioPerinene®
5 mg
Welcome to NITROamp’s® secret weapon. While there are plenty of smart caffeine products on the market, none have the potency of NITROamp® because they do not feature BioPerine®.

Sourced from the purest Piperine, BioPerine’s® main role is to increase the effectiveness – via increasing the bioavailability (absorption) – of the Caffeine and L-Theanine in NITROamp® for better performance and an unrivalled experience.

BioPerine® is what makes our Smart Caffeine the most effective available. You’ll feel the difference.

NITROamp’s® Nootropic Benefits Confirmed By Scientific Studies

Apart from the love and care that goes into NITROamp’s® design and creation, there are no secrets or ‘unknowns to it.

When discussing the benefits of daily supplementation with NITROamp® there is no hyperbole. The scientific research and subsequent facts speak for themselves and confirm the claims.

If you are wanting to know more about the endless smooth energy and alertness NITROamp® provides – without the jitters associated with coffee consumption – then you can read a more in depth report on what can be expected by clicking on The Laboratory page of this website in the menu bar.

Better yet, with a full 1 Year Money Back Guarantee you can try it free from any risk or commitment and judge for yourself whether NITROamp® should play a part in your daily health regimen.

3 reviews for Nitro Amp


    “I recently started using Nitrovit and I’m already seeing a vast improvement in my mental focus. I am now able to focus in lectures and understand what is going on when in the past it was impossible for me to stay focused for more then 10 minutes. I have also seen an increase in retention and decrease in study time but also learning way more. I credit all of these improvements to Nitrovit!”


    “I ordered and got some three weeks ago. It’s actually my first experience with an OTC nootropic and found this after researching a lot. I don’t have a script and was looking for something to help mentally. Saw this and it’s all over the place with good reviews so I bought it. Have to say, I like it a lot. Nitrovit definitely does increase focus, motivation, mental energy, etc. Believe the hype and give it a try.”


    “I bought a bottle of regular Nitrovit and the caffeine Nitrovit. It’s a great stack. In only a few days I noticed my word annunciation and my overall thought clarity had improved. I’m less cloudy in the AM too. I run Labella’s Pizzeria in Marietta, GA and 12 hr. days aren’t easy. This stuff really helps and since taking it I now really power thru work days. I didn’t get the full effects of NV right away, since I have ADD I think it took 3 days for my receptors to be fully saturated. But my brain now feels like I am on a higher frequency then everyone around me and it’s like I can move things with my mind!”

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