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Introduction to Nootropics The word nootropics was first used by a Romanian chemist Corneliu Giurgea in the year 1970 for describing substances capable of enhancing/regaining the cognitive functions among humans. According to him typical characteristics of nootropic include: an enhancement in learning capability; coping with the stressful environments; neuroprotection for proper nerve transmission and should be non-sedative. Better cognitive performance of an individual is linked with overall successes in life, execution of job-related functions and well-being in the society. By improving the brain functions through nootropics improve several cognitive functions like enhanced memory, creativity, being sharp and quick in decision making. Mainly there are three categories of nootropics including:

  1. Dietary items
  2. Supplements, and
  3. Prescription items.

The dietary ingredients include caffeine in certain drinks like tea, coffee and brain-boosting ingredients in mushroom. In the supplement category, Noopept stands out due to its fast action. Majority of cognitive performance enhancer medications are slow in their effect, and the one having a quick response is preferred. There are several prescription nootropics also including Concerta, Ritalin, and Adderall. We are living in a highly dynamic world.

Particularly, competition at job place and business environments demand higher levels of cognizance and intellect. Global surveys suggest young generation have cognitive issues across the globe. A person with a healthy cognitive function is overall beneficial in society.

This scenario has generated a quest for better cognitive abilities among everyone. According to the data released by Barnes and Noble the famous specialty bookseller people inclination has changed toward acquiring literature related to emotional and mental health relevant subjects. This trend suggests higher public interest in nootropics.  

Ideal Characteristics of a nootropic An ideal nootropic should have an affinity for accessing the brain upon getting ingested. The human brain controls all cognitive functions including every activity that we perform on a daily basis. For achieving its functions to highest accuracy and efficiency, the brain is shielded with a structure known as the blood-brain barrier. This brain shielding structure separates and protects the brain from harmful ingredients in the systemic circulation. Naturally, the brain has affinity and transport mechanisms for the passage of components having beneficial effects on brain functions.

Appropriate delivery of nootropics into the brain is considered as the most desirable features for its clinically helpful effects. For example, in the development of Noopept, it was evaluated for its penetration through the BBB. Scientific data suggested that upon absorption through the gastrointestinal tract this compound is delivered to the brain in its intact form.  

How do nootropics work?

Among several available nootropics, everyone has its specific mechanism of action. However, an ideal nootropic must facilitate nutrient supply and their proper utilization in the brain. Human brain utilizes almost 20% of the overall energy even in resting condition. This may enhance when we are exerting more pressure on the brain like doing some task that needs continuous cognitive function involvement. Besides consolidating utilization of energy within the brain nootropics should be capable of enhancement in cognitive functions like elevated memory, improved learning process, and retrieval of both short term and long-term memory. A variety of nootropics available in the market exert their effects through several mechanisms including lowering of malondialdehyde levels with a concomitant increase in the antioxidant brain defense system mediated through biological molecules like glutathione and superoxide dismutase. Besides this modulation of NMDA receptor, inhibition of glutamate-induced toxicity and acetylcholinesterase activity, normalizing noradrenaline levels and turnover of monoamines and controlling the activity of dopamine-D2 and GABAB receptors are few to name here. A nootropic exerts its cognitive function enhancement or neuroprotective effect by employing either one or a combination of these mechanisms.  


When to Use Nootropics Elderly population

The usage of nootropics varies based on individuals age, health condition, and work environments. Mainly, elderly individuals are prone to cognitive decline associated with aging. Advanced age is associated with decreased absorption of natural nootropics and as such supplements containing nootropics can boost the cognitive capabilities of these individuals. In a population-based study involving above twelve thousand elderly individuals evaluated over a time period of ten years suggested that nootropics enhance cognitive abilities. Benefits associated with nootropics include reduced mortality, lower incidence of degenerative and vascular dementia among these individuals.


General Population

The usage of nootropics has been recommended in several conditions among people suffering from cognitive deficits like memory and learning problems, overcoming several depressive syndromes, anxiety, and tension that compromise the human cognition. Nootropics have also been reported to improve social and technical skills. The nootropics based enhancement in cognitive abilities is also manifested in the form of better communications and effective use of language for academic, social and general writing and speaking pursuits.

Nootropics in Neurodegenerative Disorders

The nootropics horizon is expanding from simply brain booster or memory enhancing formulation to treat brain disorders in which people lose cognitive abilities. An extensive study has identified a variety of nootropics exerting their effects through one of the several mechanisms like acting as calcium channel blockers, acetylcholinesterase inhibition, overcoming oxidative stress and antagonizing dopaminergic and glutamic acid receptors. A comprehensive evaluation of clinically relevant studies show that nootropics will be the likely and safer choice for treatment of diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. A few nootropics exert their effect through several ways aimed toward enhancing cognitive functions. Noopept protects neuronal cells through its effect like inhibiting of oxidative damage exerted through oxygen free radicals, regulating calcium levels, suppression of apoptosis and ameliorating neural dysfunction induced by Aβ25-35.

Nootropics Fallacies

Every human being is borne with defined cognitive capabilities and performances. However, several factors can compromise cognitive functions. These include nutritional as well as non-nutritional factors. Specific ailments also contribute to deteriorating cognitive capacities. As such nootropics repair and restore the innate cognitive functions and make people smart. Besides this, nootropic put the brain physiological functions on the right track. It is exactly like you have a good teacher who can assist you in becoming a top-notch student when compared with your contemporary age fellows. Nootropics refine your brain functions by improving and accelerating human cognitive functions.    

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Noopept for social anxiety?

I’ve been asked lately and I have something to say about this from my personal view. Is social anxiety a big term? We all know what anxiety means. Anxiety is an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure.  I am not erudite in clinical anxiety field. But  I do feel social anxiety from time to time. Let’s chop down social anxiety, where originate its symptoms from: People with social anxiety disorder usually experience significant emotional distress in the following situations. It can be from:

  • Being introduced to other people
  • Being teased or criticized
  • Being the center of attention
  • Being watched while doing something
  • Meeting people in authority (“important people”)
  • Most social encounters, especially with strangers
  • Going around the room (or table) in a circle and having to say something
  • Interpersonal relationships, whether friendships or romantic

If you think about social anxiety, it is really…

I feel the anxiety from these social situations. They are not that powerful so I cannot manage them. Or I have noopept for social anxiety. It used to be much worse when I was a kid – like most of us would have said that. Adult life has less social anxiety than the teenage life, I think. But where does it come from? There is no simple answer to that and many fields of study need to be called to help to answer this question. To keep things simple and what makes the most sense is to realize that your anxiety is your essential hardware wired to you. It’s your excitation system that turns on the danger regime and tells you to flee, fight or freeze. It’s the accumulator of energy that is needed to handle out of comfort zone situations. This is perfectly understandable when the people were chased by a lion in the bushes, but why the heck we activate the same system when we have to say something in front of the crowd? Well, heck do I know. I guess it was just impossible to create two excitation systems – one for real dangers (matter of life and death) and one for seemingly stupid stuff – like social anxiety. It does feel good being in control around people, doesn’t it?

The soul of the people

People do play roles and are involved in social games. I think the natural status quo of people is hierarchy, not egalitarianism. But not speaking about power, people communicate with each other on their surface. And they playback stories about other people without knowing them. It happens automatically.

So many times I caught myself judging other people without knowing them. It’s funny how we are programmed to make a conclusion about other people within seconds of seeing them. Without knowing them.

It is not smart, but we are programmed that way. Caveman lifestyle required that I guess. Contemporary city people rebel this false judgement by creating as much diversity on the surface as possible. Punk is not dead – they are screaming!  You see the surface, but you’re blind to a soul. Yet, how great would it be to release the tension and just do not solve these awkward social affairs…

Noopept for social anxiety

First time I had noopept I almost did not feel anything. I think I was blogging that day pretty hard, but I do not think it was thanks to the substance. I read this guy’s blog about his experiences. It sometimes helps to read what other people have to say about their experience, so you can follow the similar symptoms in your case. The highlight of this guy’s post was that normally he does not feel comfortable around crowds of people. After noopept he…no longer had: “the constant sense that he’s caught in a herd of faceless animals when visiting crowded places and he hears what people are saying over the phone.” I experienced similar patterns. Moreover, I enjoyed people more when on noopept. It’s hard to explain. But at most  I could look into their faces better. And throw out this veil of ignorance – this judging the surface.

Like I was transferred to the more intelligent side that no longer judges the surface.

I am not sure whether noopept does give you some IQ points. I am not sure about this, because this topic deals more with emotional intelligence. Or is it the same intelligence, I mean is there just one and absolute intelligence? Does anybody know? I just know that IQ tests are shit and they tell nothing about human intelligence. But looking at the social perception, noopept makes you more intelligent. It’s like you’re not solving this low instinct – the surface. You are more intelligent and able to look into people’s eyes and understand them better. I only wished, noopept would make you more eloquent like sulbutiamine does.  Noopept is also great for focus. So you really can look deeper on the subject, people for that matter, contemplating and not judging. Imagine what it could bring you to your daily life? Less prejudice, more thinking in the zone…

Noopept for social anxiety – productivity

On noopept I enjoy people more. I am a better listener. It’s great before your presentation and I experience I do not care about my social outcomes that much. You just don’t care that much. In different social scenarios – we are in the productivity zone like sales, public speech, job interview and such – your imagined social script might not go the way you desire. It’s almost never as you desire. But being able to reconcile and reflex your social interactions is the goal here. Focus on your goal in social conversations. If you are selling, focus on closing a sale. When you are public speaking, focus on holding people’s attention. Remember that we are speaking productivity, not consciousness. Although, you should remain conscious all the time. Get the book born of the conscious man if you want  Noopept can help you to focus on what’s important by these tasks. You’re more intelligent not to solve the undesired social outcomes – what you said and what you shouldn’t have said. You are enjoying people more and this veil of ignorance – judging the surface is thrown away. At least that is my experience. It’s a fantastic substance. If you are working with people, give it a shot. It might enhance your game! We endorse noopept based products.


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