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Qualities of successful people

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Qualities of successful people are about to change in the 21st century. Because the term success is going to change

Success is an ambiguous term. For western society – success is connected to possessions – money & having. 

But, more and more people are turning to the BEING side of things – where success means experience – having great life experiences like the feeling of pleasant present moments or feeling of togetherness. 

In this video, we want to talk about the qualities of successful people irrelevant to your definition of success. 

We believe that there are three qualities of successful people or let’s say stages of successful life you seek in your life’s journey: 

  1. Grounding 
  2. Adventure – playfulness
  3. Discipline habits setting 

Success is really a journey that takes a lot of effort and energy. 

Let’s think of grounding as stability. Adventure is experimenting and trying new things to get ahead. 

qualities of successful people

Ying – Yang

You have probably seen this symbol – ying-yang

It is a concept of dualism describing how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. 

For my life I take from it I should be constantly seeking two seemingly contrary entities – stability and adventure. 

People long for stable grounds,  for roots – they want to belong somewhere. They want to be grounded to the anxious – less vibes,  swimming the waves of prosperity. 

Even though it seems like it, these ideals are never static. Everything changes constantly. Success is not permanent. You can never lock yourself in the gates of heaven, you can only be ever coming closer. 

If your current’s life situation is grounded – good, affluent, prosperous. You have to strive to keep it that way, hence ying-yang your one dot should be always cautious – on an adventurous side, seeking growth and adventure. 

If you are not happy right now, your energy should follow the development path – constantly working on yourself, trying to get better each day. 

At the same time, one dot of your Ying Yang should seek grounding – the gratitude for what had been achieved so far. It usually shows itself in the feelings of thankfulness and love. 

Grounding might mean explicit rather static goals where we want to get to. It’s the main motivation behind people’s zeal. 

Even a person who seeks everlasting perfection – ing of himself must see a static version of this vision. They usually long for a timeless state – an ideal they want to acquire. 

Life is never static and goals change in time – but, this is not to disregard goals, people should have them. 

qualities of successful people

Qualities of successful people for the 21st century

Successful people do have adventures and are playful. They think of life and their education as a lifelong kindergarten. Where work means also to play.  

They are experimenting within their own means and resources, but do not hesitate to take an opportunity to learn something new – by trying something new.

This quality is not tied to goals. 

It’s a personal characteristic that embraces the new, unknown, the learning opportunity. 

The openness –  to be able to play – even if you seem grown-up. 

This playfulness – the willingness to experiment within your life might bring you leverage. 

With playfulness,  innovations are created. Through the everlasting cycle of trying something new and showing to your audience, getting feedback and adjusting it. 

The last quality or stage every successful person has is the implementation of habits.

An iteration or repetitive action towards goals, but also for the loving of process. Both grounding and playfulness must be incorporated into one’s habits. 

For a man craves immediate and constant gratification his goals can’t be the only motivation behind his zeal – it needs to be the love of process as well that pushes the button. 

Habits form our life whether we want it or not

But, do we have conscious, planned habits that lead us toward our ideals and let us lead a meaningful life? 

That’s when you grab our app and don’t just install a habit tracker. With our app, you get a community. Resourceful admins that are on ever – seeking, discovery mission to research good habits to implement in your life. 

That’s the benefit you take – a channel that is always going to give you insights and triggers how to live the best life possible. 

Some things you might implement, some you might not – but the point is that you will never walk alone in your self – improving the journey. 

Download our app and let’s build and inexhaustible life together! 

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