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shrooms enhancement

Shrooms enhancement – Yes, it has benefits

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Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about shrooms enhancement in general. I do not know why the universe put this topic in front of me since it was never my drug of choice, and I did mushrooms just once or twice maybe.

I remembered quite profound feelings when on it, of course. But, I also remember the sensation when the effects wore off and man, I was glad it was over.

I bumped into this guy’s video and if you have time check it out then.

I like how he talks about that he has no chance to fully understand this world since he’s a subject and lacks objective understanding. How could we otherwise objectively (with a mind) truly comprehend the universe’s complexity? Yet, doctor Fadiman says that he’s able and more than willing to create as many theories as he wants.

This is a great analogy for me and comes very close to my understanding of the World around me. Create, experiment, try new things, produce, yet in the end, I might not understand this World a tiny bit. I think I made a peace with that.


shrooms enhancement

Shrooms enhancement – knowing yourself

Tim Ferriss a guy who amassed a large audience for personal hacking and enhancement has made an interview with James Fadiman.

Doctor Fadiman made some profound research on the topic with a conclusion that mushrooms containing psilocybin may have beneficial effects on the human psyche, although it’s a good idea to do it use it in a safe environment with an experienced guide.

Personally, I have been interested in mushrooms micro-dosing. It’s a part of shrooms enhancement that could eventually protrude your productivity.

Supposably, you should acquire a state of consciousness that is curious, vivid, more interested in things.

However, in my personal attempts, I was never able to get to a microdose level.

I’ve been told that you are not supposed to “fly” in your mind, you are not losing it at the microdose level.

I remember taking it at the office – about one Mexicana mushroom, app. 3g. It was supposed to be the dosage that should have let me be on the ground and what I was hoping focused on coding (because I had it in office)

Eh, well it did not!

From time to time it totally disintegrated me and cut into pieces. I found it so hard to focus on things that were forms. Coding seemed hard, chatting seemed hard, staying at the office seemed hard.

So, I can’t speak for micro-dosing community yet.

I see a different type of shrooms enhancement here.

The world of consciousness


In the world of forms, we rarely notice that there are different levels of consciousness. There’s something beyond the level of materialism, forms, constructs, and ego.

We tend to forget this and it’s ok that we do.

When I was on mushrooms, and I think I mentioned it earlier, the really relieving feeling for me was when the mushrooms lost their effect and I was back.

Back in the world where I felt like the forms and materia mattered to me. Because on shrooms they don’t. Your core beliefs are suddenly put in dispute to say very mildly.

It’s hard to explain since it’s all so empirical.

Experiencing that there’s the world beyond what we live every day is enriching. And it tells us how pathetic our world is, when everything is so vanishing.

I think every person should try it at least once. But, it’s necessary to be in a good company in a safe environment as mentioned.

And I think it can make you think deeper about all the possibilities you have.

While you are in this world, while you are a form, you got a choice. You can see that everything is so shaky and stable is just that ancient well, from where it all comes from.

At inex we preach that we must become the masters of our mind and use it as a tool.

I think this is one of the shrooms enhancement properties.


Connection to the well of creativity

This structure, the double helix, the code of life was discovered also thanks to psychedelics.


Dna 1388696 1920 1024x576, Inex Life


Nobel Price holder Francis Crick, the founder of DNA reportedly confessed that his discovery was larger due to visualization capabilities that LSD gave him.

All the great discoveries and inventions were discovered because the people who discovered them were at moments connected to the consciousness, the universe, the timeless, or God(call it whatever).

Some did it while asleep, some took LSD. LSD should take no special credit for a discovery part. It was only in the meaning to connect to consciousness, the all mighty well of creativity.

Of course, only prepared to get the touch of God are the ones who usually do.

Party-ass high schooler who gets wasted on mushrooms every day won’t discover double helix right?

Anyway, these were my views on psychedelics as such and possible shrooms enhancement it could bring.

I found this useful protocol to avoid bad trips though:

from the site:

At a dosage of 1.6 grams9 in a therapeutic clinical environment, we might expect 0% of people to experience some extreme fear,10 for an average of around 1 minute of strong anxiety11, and we might expect around ~45% to report a persisting positive increase in mood from this dosage

At a dosage of ~3.2 grams9 in a therapeutic clinical environment, we might expect 14% of people to experience some extreme fear,10for an average of around ~2 minutes of strong anxiety 11

At a dosage of ~4.8 grams of mushrooms9 in a therapeutic clinical environment, we might expect 86% of people to experience some extreme fear,10 for an average of around ~11 minutes of strong anxiety11


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