Enough of that learning non – sense

I bet you do not have time. Who does?

But, the one thing worth of finding a time is enhancement and growth.

It’s the best time what we can invest together to investment into our loved ones.

Learning is a tool for enhancement and growth.

Yet, not everybody considers learning this way.

Three types of learners

There are three types of learners.

Imagine a zealous hard worker – a workaholic. He works hard on his tasks at work, and there is nothing wrong with it.

The problem is that he or she thinks only in terms of contemporary learning strategies. There is almost no added value this person can bring in terms of innovations and cross-platform utilities.

Another type of learner is the – learning for fun kind of a person. Oh, I love to learn about fun and topics that have nothing to do with my current position and actually cannot really build a business around them.

But they are fun! Ok, that’s cool, but it’s not what we are aiming for in this course.

We are aiming for a results-oriented learning in this course. You learn either to enhance your personal characteristics (what helps you to lead a better life)  or to earn more money.

Yes, learning has to be practical in our terms and in terms of this course. Think of the equation learning = results. It has to enhance your life.

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Become a super – learner

People all around the world are finding out that you may enjoy learning even though you hate formal education – school.

And this is a game changer. That’s a big thing!

People are looking up to idols like Elon Musk and they are lionizing his extraordinary skills. Learning is being popularized through him and people see that there are different patterns of learning that this great man’s been using in his successful endeavors.

He’s not just using first principle learning.

Elon Musk is popularizing the whole concept of super – learning in the broader

meaning – he’s been delivering awesome work across multiple business fields.

He’s never been a rocket engineer and all the sudden you hear him saying that he’s read everything about rockets and he’s going into the space industry.





You are super – learning when you are thinking about how you learn

It’s not just about speed – reading and memorizing !!!

Its sense is much broader!

I am sure you know that information is not a knowledge. Information is a pure description of an action, but knowledge is action itself.Information is a commodity in this world. The value is in its organization into project structure plans that are supporting your goals.

You are super-learning when you take a time to use tools like Trello or some other time management tool like Monday. When you take your time to pile up the structure that safeguards what information is valuable and what is not.

You are super-learning when you are prioritizing what information and knowledge will suit your actual needs and what you can learn later. And especially you are super-learning when you are thinking critically about your subject  – that’s usually the method of first principle thinking.

First principles thinking helps you to cobble together information from different disciplines to create new ideas and innovations. You start by getting to the facts.

Once you have a foundation of facts, you can make a plan to improve each little piece. This process naturally leads to exploring widely for better substitutes.

So, your thinking process may look something like this:

  • An assumption is: “Growing of my business is gonna cost me a lot of money!”

Your thinking process as of first principles can go like this:

What do I need to grow my business?  I need to sell products and services to more customers! Does it have to cost a lot of money to sell to new customers? Not necessarily, but I’ll probably need access to these new customers inexpensively. 

How to create a win-win deal?  Sell half of my business to a larger partner with a traffic in exchange for access to that traffic – customers. 



how to become a superlearner

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How to become a super – learner

So, the principles of how to become a superlearner  that I could come up with are as follows:


  • You should learn things that will help you to solve current, real-world problems – your problems (not everybody can solve the world’s problems of course)


  • Don’t learn things you can’t see the value of and which are not directly useful – do not learn just for intellectual purposes. That’s good to keep yourself sharp. But there is not much practical value in learning what consanguinity means – if you are not marrying your cousin of course.


  • Build project study plans  – become an architect of your learning. It will help you to see the big picture – your scope statement what you want to achieve in the end. It will help you to differentiate between what information is really important and what you can trash.


  • Increase your motivation by doing something that you want to do, by improving your skills, and by having a sense of purpose larger than yourself.


  • Learn effective and speed – reading and enhance memorization skills


Let’s do this with this course!

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InEx Results Oriented Learning Course – Become a Super – Learner for your growth and success

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 Become a Super – Learner for your growth and success





Here’s to high – achievers, learners and growth lovers. What will get you most ahead in 21st century? Only learning my friends!

Long gone are the times when it was enough to finish up college, find a job and stay there for next 30 or 40 years. This, as we all know, is gone! No more job securities, and the only guarantee we have is that things will be changing constantly. Therefore we need to learn all our lives.

However, it’s enough to just learn. We need to know how to learn. Sure, it is cool to learn for fun – how to play an instrument, or let’s say pottery. That is perfectly fine and it enhances our learning abilities. But, first things first, we need to learn for personal growth (our characteristics – how to become a better, more conscious person) and how to earn more money.

You need to learn how to learn. What skills will get you your full life potential? We need to learn to identify what skills will help us to achieve our destination.


This course will give you


  • We will build foundations of result – oriented learning in you – your learning will then never be the same. You will learn mostly for your prosperity.


  • You will be building some project management study plans – it starts with a scope of who you want to become or what you want to achieve. You will start to work from that and build your resource and use the tools to support that.


  • We will give you awesome tips in the fields of speed – reading to do your research more quickly.


  • Awesome tips in the field of memorization, so you remember easier the important things.


  • We hope to encourage on your way to life – long learning. Learning = results = Life’s fullest potential


Syllabus – in the course sheet (downloadable) with resources as well


Section # 1 Learning = results

– Intro

– Video 1 – Learning = results Who is this for

– Video 2 – Learning = results Learner

– Video 3 – Learning = results formula and some methodological differentiation on information

– Video 4 – Principles on our learning formula

– Video 5 – Malcolm Knowles


Section # 2 Project – based learning

– Intro

– Video 1 – The scope of the project

– Video 2 – Time Management

– Video 3 – Time management Dual Activity and Pomodoro

–  Video 4 – Tools – XMind

–  Video 5 – Tools – Trello

– Video 6 – Wrapping Project based learning


Section # 3 Gathering Information and memorizing skills

– Intro

– Video 2 Information learning abilities – Reading and pre – reading

– Video 3 SQ3R Method

– Video 4 Reading techniques – sub – vocalizing

– Video 5 Reading techniques – saccades

– Video 6 Recalling – putting the important information into the working memory

– Video 7 Mnemonics and Associations

– Video 8 chunking

– Video 9: mental, preferably visual mental markers is the key to effective learning

– Video 10 memory palace

– Video 11 No mental barriers and mindfulness

– Video 12 repeating and spacing it out


Section #4: Being in Shape for learning

– Video 1 Keep being busy

– Video 2 Physical exercise & diet


Technical problems of downloading


Sometimes we do experience downloading issues right after pressing download button at checkout – “download InEx LearningResultsCourse.zip”

This can be resolved by clearing your cache files – Chrome – navigate to More tools – Clear browsing data (on windows ctrl + shift+ del) and delete browsing data.

If the problem with download persists, please send us an email on dro1@inex.life




2 reviews for InEx Results Oriented Learning Course – Become a Super – Learner for your growth and success

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jerome Parker

    I am happy that I accidentally bumped up on this course. I was surprised how much value is in this for free content. Well some topics could be disintegrated more into tinier bits, but for an introductory course, thumbs up!

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    Thank you very much for this free, but valuable course! I had an impression that the author could be working with his tone of voice a bit more. Maybe, speed things up, sometimes I wanted to forward the videos, but overall there is value in it. I still have two more sections to go, so maybe I will adjust my ratings when I am done with it. Thanks!

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