Start to write a diary. Three things are crucial – Start tasking yourself. Start building reflections through your diary about your life – how do you feel and what do you want. Start to write ideas of progress.

You have start to write your story.

But what are the things to do everyday?

…So everyday you pledge that you will achieve the complete harmony with yourself. You are going to make it! Just say it:

I pledge allegiance to me,

That I know what I want from this universe,

I bow against its greatness,unutterably I stare,

Loving, caring, enhancing myself, oh I dare!

Ok, I am not much of a poet. You know who you want to become. The best you possible can –  Enhancing, growing, experimenting, finding your given destiny.

It all starts with writing a diary.


Things to do everyday – written memories of you, living Being

Start a diary, if you haven’t already started. It is not a queer thing.  It is perfectly manly too. All the top performers, all the winners have their memories and thoughts that could move them forward –  written on the piece of paper (or they are using apps of course). Be a winner and have your thoughts processed and recorded. Write them down and go back to them every so often. Maybe after some time, some of your marks can be funny after while – how you were intimidated and worried about things that do not make sense today. But this is part of the fun.

Everyday start with a current date and tasks you want to accomplish. Prioritize them what is absolutely necessary to accomplish according to your constitution of values (read more about it here). 

Also lead a notes of what interesting goes in your day. What is your plan for today, how are you going to plan to stay focused. How are you going to deliver your set tasks – be brutally honest to yourself always. Even if you feel miserable, write it down and try to make a sense of it. Why is that is bugging you down and what should you do to to make it better. If it is a disease, ask for healing. Write the words of hope and commit yourself that you will do everything to conquer this disease. Look back into your body. Meditate and eat well. Find support by your loved ones and do not be afraid to say the words that might sound funny – like I love you and care about you. Because tomorrow it can be too late…


Things to do everyday – write your ideas down and experiment

Beside passionate diary writer , start to write your ideas down – ideas of hope.

No matter how hard of a day you are having. Write your ideas down. Write at least 5 ideas per day.  Five is minimum. They do not have to be great, but they have to be written everyday. Everyday mandatory. You gotta have 5 ideas written everyday in whatever you are solving or in whatever life’s situations you are or are heading. Just write them down. Want better ideas? Experiment, take as many experiences as you feel comfortable to do so. You never know what is going to be handy in the future. Therefore we have to grab every chance we can. This is an old story about Steve Jobs going to calligraphy lesson that later came handy when Apple was developing their fonts for their OS. I do not know whether his knowledge from that course was really that handy for Apple, but certainly it is an subject you would not have expected in core IT computer science curriculum (set of demanded skills anyway).

Write your ideas down and mix them all together. Mix them as much as you can. Connect them together and create new ideas. But you have to write your 5 ideas down per day. At least 5, if you can do 10 then great.

Take the most sexy idea and implement it. Experiment with it and learn from the outcomes. For one business to start you need tens of ideas written down. For every successful business you need at least 3 implemented and failed businesses.

Even in your worst times when you feel miserable. You have debt, your wife is mad with you and friends do not support you and you boss is a prick. Stick to your idea routine. You may say that my life does not seem how I want it to be. But at least I have my ideas…

It all starts with them. From the thought there is a matter.

Write your ideas down because they form you. Hard work is behind everything, but in order to work smart, you need great ideas first. Great ideas that is a result of idea muscle – of practice and getting down as much ideas as you possibly can.

Become an idea man!


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