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How to use your mind as a tool (and not to be a slave of it)

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We are about to learn how to use the mind as a tool and not be enslaved by it. Your mind is a tool and you are not your mind. You can thus turn it off. You are not your mind, but the consciousness or whatever turns your mind on. You are what
makes your thoughts a possibility. It takes some practice to comprehend and live this idea (just like cogito ergo sum took), but it is an indispensable skill for a fulfilled life. On one hand it makes a person more spiritually advanced. By mitigating all that mental noise, one can appreciate the real beauty of things in the present moment. Real tranquility and happiness are discovered in connection with nature, the calming sceneries of forests or the smell of flowers. A conscious person who has found a break from mental noise usually finds himself in a better relationship with animals and all God’s creations. She can appreciate the beauty that lies beyond the simple mind’s observations. Make it your goal to tame the destroying effects of mental noise.

Mind for productivity and creation, not for destruction

Your mind is great thing when it needs to be used for constructive, productive means. Postulating a theorem, solving
equations, repairing a car or doing all kinds of things that require good, old-fashioned cognition, all these are productive uses of mental capacity. On the other hand, mental noise can reproach us for not doing things in the past or for doing incorrect things. It can deprive us of our dreams by inducing fear for our futures, even accuse us of being failures. Learning how to stop mental noise by being completely aware of living in the now – in a present moment – is an absolutely indispensable asset in becoming a conscious person and therefore fulfilling your destiny.It’s not easy, though. I suggest reading Eckhart Tolle’s books. It’s all about the practice and the real openness of heart that leads to progress in building this skill – turning your mind off.

Use it as a tool. You are not what you think you are. You are not your mind. Your mind is your tool. Some have brighter
minds than the others in terms of intelligence, but most people are capable of enhancing their mental capacities in order to serve their purposes, and it is possible to tame the destructive side of mental noise when it aims for self-destruction and unproductivity. Go out to the countryside more often, find yourself some time alone, or a group of people who make you feel bound tighter to what is in the present.

Happier Human Being

Here’s another piece of inspiration to enrich your perception of life. In becoming more present you may become more connected to Gaia (or whatever you call it), to the creator of the Universe. You are God’s child, God’s creation, daughter or son. Knowing that truth, you can never feel inferior in the crazy spinning wheels of society. Culture created classes in Europe based on heritage and in the U.S. based on material means. Whatever clutter this brings on your psyche, do not ever feel inferior. If it hits you and the thought of it becomes too strong, just shake it out like a dog shakes his fur when it’s wet. You are as good as anybody else. We are of the same origin. We were of different circumstances, possessions, family backgrounds to other people, but in principle we are the same – mortal flesh and bones, one more conscious than the other, but still God’s children.

By feeling more connected to a creator, we can summon great power. To some extent these are positive affirmations, but they must come from a feeling of oneness – the common essence of all of us in the universe. Do you know the song, “The World’s Greatest” by R. Kelly? In that song he says: “I am the mountain, I am the tall tree, I am the vision, I can see clearly…. I am the helping hand; I am the hero.” Some people may see this as a bragging, but if you are conscious and you can feel something deeper behind this than just pumping muscle of the ego (that can go up but it will inevitably go down as well), then it is wonderful to be reminded of the interconnectedness of all the creator’s children. You are described most of all as “I am”. This cannot be given a label – no attribute allowed. But are you also a tall tree, mountain, helping
hand? Or course you are, on the essential level. You can use this to gain power from the most powerful sources of all. I like these “conscious affirmations” much better than affirmations that are mutated in different motivational literature based on repeating a phrase over and over in front of a mirror and hoping that it will somehow transcend to the not-very-well-understood construct of the so called subconscious mind.

You are not who you think you are

So, remember you are not what you think you are. Instead, put between your thoughts and yourself a certain space. Learn
how to watch your thoughts without judging them. Do not interpret them or consider them based on who you are. Other
people have put labels on you already. They judge you based on the content of your contemporary or past world. But that is of obsolete importance to you. That can influence your thoughts tremendously and, yes, as social beings we will be influenced and behave in certain cultural manners. But trust me, you are the consciousness, the only transmitter that makes your thoughts into reality. All your thoughts come from the same ancient origin, and we have a constantly turned-on radio station playing in our heads. You don’t have to believe everything you hear on a radio. Why would you? And certainly you don’t have to believe everything that other people say, especially if you see that their intention is of
no help to you. Learn to build space between your mental noise. Confess deeply to yourself that you are not this mental noise that is running in your head. You are the one who makes it possible. In practicing this philosophy, a whole new dimension opens up for your being. You are suddenly not a slave of your thoughts. You can observe them freely, indulge in their shrewdness or laugh at them when they are veiled with the blanket of mediocrity. The old cogito ergo sum philosophy doesn’t mean that you are laughing at yourself and therefore you are a lunatic. No you are not your thoughts; you’re a transmitter. And it’s your responsibility what radio waves you will allow to play on your radio station!

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