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Waking up early to study and never stop learning

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Recently I have been waking up early to study. Study to code. There has been this fetish around that now everybody is learning to code. I am working in IT and I feel deprived of something… I just can’t write a computer program. There are plenty of other jobs around the business like project management, but still it does not feel right. I want to be the guy who knows though.

Every opportunity to study is precious one.

However we are bound to take every chance to avoid it. It’s clear that there is so much to do and we have only 24 hours. I seriously do not know whether I want to be a developer. All my life since my early childhood I wanted to be on the opposite site. Imagine Kiyosaki’s quadrant and I am there as an entrepreneur and investor. Not there yet, but in my mind always, long before I’ve heard about his quadrant. My biggest idol is Tomas Bata a great entrepreneur not many people know about. His philosophy was to build yourself, a great company and a great state. So he dedicated all his work to the service to the public. So he built a great company. True MNC in contemporary terms. He built a great city in Zlin in Czech Republic and left a system of management for generations to come. I wished more entrepreneurs would be adopting this system. One of its great pillars was of course something what Amazon is doing partially. Not taking out any penny, just reinvesting everything, growing forever. Bata was doing similar thing. Except he was also investing to the public – built the mentioned city and more.  The greatest evangelist of Bata’s thoughts is a Professor Milan Zeleny. He has got awesome ideas, so go check it out if you want. It’s not too mainstream, so it’s good resource I guess.  Tomas Bata said:

If you want to build a great company, build yourself up first!

This takes me to why waking up early to study

Bata, Inex Life

Waking up early to study

Build yourself first! Always think about yourself first. But not in a selfish manner. We are part of humanity and we were given this beautiful resource called life. We are not here to abuse it nor waste it. Instead we should embrace, enhance it and multiply it.  I personally believe in Immanuel Kant.

Act according to maxims of a universally legislating member of a merely possible kingdom of ends.

In simpler terms act and judge yourself on principles of common good. Your personal acts should be good for everybody else. In these terms what good you make to humanity if you spoil your life with ignorance? There is no age limit to stop learning. Experimenting and playing this game called life.

Waking up early is a great way how to start your day. Although I am not a fetish early riser. It seems that I have this comforting idea in my mind throughout the day, that I have done something today. No matter how my days curve out of the plan, I managed to do something for at least an hour. The progress, at least one hour a day. That’s 365 hours per year. Master-ship of 10 000 hours, you know it right? Still far away. I would need 30 years to learn to code to master level according to this theory. But I said that I do not want to be a developer right? So screw that! I just want to be resourceful and I will create my own app, that is all I want. It will be called Payhelp – a Paypal that pays portion of money to charity.

So early study is not enough. I do not give it  to you productive community. But I am going to do it anyway. I want to grow, to progress, to experiment and to be a small fucking rebel. To break the rules. In my own little way. And yes I can,because I will work hard and I think you should too posers.

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