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What are examples of internal self – esteem

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What are examples of internal self – esteem Quora question.

Internal self – esteem is like a magnet. People sense it and if you got it, they recognize it. Healthy self – esteem is a currency of 21 st century. Not only you have to acquire skills that are demanded by the market, but you also have to present them. For that you need to be aware of yourself – who you are, your internal worth.

I wish this video would have gone more viral, because I think it’s an example of great parenting:

What are examples of internal self – esteem – the fundamentals

Self – esteem is defined as  a confidence and satisfaction in oneself – self – respect or self – conceit. I would like to add that it’s a mind – created concept. And just like every concept it has to be used wisely in order to make us more prosperous and fulfilled. Self – esteem is not the true “Who I am”. Only this I can recall as something stable and fundamental. I do believe that every positive affirmation has to be built upon strong fundamentals of being aware that we are more than our thoughts. Thoughts are merely the product, the tool. We are beyond our thoughts. For me the eyes opening words came from Eckhart Tolle. But it really could have been Jesus or Buddha or some other prophet.

I think that once you cease to exist in cogito ergo sum – I think therefore I am – terms, this forms a strong basis for healthy self – esteem. Once you stop identifying with all that negative your mind can impose on you (And use the positive wisely). And understand that it could have been pure ego or something very bugging, perhaps acquired in early childhood, it’s extricating. Everything that you resent or strongly react to in others is also in you. We usually judge others by our internal world. What else do we have to compare others with, right?

You are self – worth just because you are. You find your self – worth beyond your thoughts.

What are examples of internal self - esteem

What are examples of internal self – esteem

One of the most clear example of internal self – esteem is when you imagine playing a football game. It is a question of your motivation. If you want to accomplish external self – esteem, you probably should  kick the game winning goal to please your crowd and become a champion of let’s say a high school football team. This is of course not a bad thing. External accomplishments are necessary and satisfying parts of our lives. They only become  problematic when it is only thing we rely on. External accomplishments might vanish in time. Medals, titles and honors may become obsolete after some time, and they might arouse pity rather than joy. “Oh, I used to be a great football player, oh how people loved me. Now, I am a bum, a misfit, trying to survive each day.”

An example of internal self – esteem would be if you played that game for your family and people who came to see you no matter what. Had you known that they would love you no matter what – win or lose – you would have put your maximum into the game to make them proud. When a person experiences this no matter what kind of love from others – that is when this strong reassurance builds inside of us. It is a much more stable entity than relying on external acknowledgement. I do believe that it is helpful to raise superb high – achievers like Elon Musk although he did not have that at home. So,  this is certainly not a rule for how to raise high – achievers, I do believe that it is a principle of a noble parenting.

What are examples of internal self – esteem – where is the origin

People who have a strong internal self – esteem won’t shake up so easily when times are hard and other people might even feel sorry for you. High self – esteem comes from self – reflection on what a person values in others and which of those qualities that person sees in inside themselves. The critical part is to know yourself. Only you can be brutally honest to yourself and decide upon your values what is of the most priority to you. For instance, if you decided to pass the opportunity for a million $ contract to go to your son’s football game, then you  have truly decided upon your constitution of values – which clearly defines family of higher importance than money. This can add a great amount of internal self – esteem, since you decided according to the knowledge of yourself. If you have absolutely no doubts about your decision, no external disapproval of your decision can harm you.

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