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Inex life that is inexhaustible life. Hey, if anything send us an email

I wanted this to be Inex  about page, but on another hand, I want to give you value most of all. What else would this blog be for if not providing a value to its readers?

Everything we do must be about giving value to people and sharing hope and knowledge.

What does Inex stand for?

We all have different backgrounds and different what I call a binding constituent – something that holds us in our mental zones.It’s the heritage of our upbringing or culture. I know, it all determines our life.

With some things, we might feel unhappy.

Yet, when you climb the highest mountain and you connect with the eternity. And it suddenly strikes you that there are no boundaries and limits. There are no obstacles to decide.

A pure decision can change your life forever.

It’s the most powerful decision in the world.

It should be the holy grail with its ceremonial pledge.

Here at Inex we believe that you are master of your own thoughts. And you can decide to use your mind for your own prosperity.

Your thoughts are the ancient river. It’s never-ending stream, a very powerful one that can and will materialize. It just needs a lot of transfer energy to materialize. But, it is a building block of this universe – material or conceptual, all is one.

It’s a heck of a responsibility to maintain this knowledge. It’s a hard work. Even masters can sink into the veil of ignorance and misunderstanding pretty quickly.

I believe this is the core responsibility of – to remind you this responsibility.

Remembering Inex for one thing

I usually remember great individuals for one thing only. Even though people are complex creatures.

Let’s take Steve Jobs for instance. He influenced a whole generation with a passion for excellence and a motivation that comes from an attitude that we’re going to die soon. He was also a bit crook and certainly, he was manipulative.

I remember him for one thing that was an eye – opener, just like a knowledge that you are responsible for your own thoughts, what you do with them.

Steve Jobs said that:

Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use.

When you say, Steve Jobs, this is going to be the first thing that pops into my mind. I won’t remember him for his products, I don’t even like Apple that much. I think their smartphones are extremely expensive for the quality and I’d rather buy a Xiaomi. But, this thing right here.

I believe that Inex could achieve something similar.

It can be an information channel that is reminding you that whenever things are shitty, if you let go and leave some headspace, we’ll get on the prosperous path together once again. tools

We have two great tools to get on the inex path. First is acceptance and second is using our thoughts for our growth and prosperity.

First, we accept whatever circumstances we have. That does not mean that we are not going to be changing them. It means we are not defined, interpreted and most of all deteriorated by these circumstances.

We accept it just like we accept that we are breathing.

To build a space in judgment, that’s truly liberating. And it starts everything because you are detached from the whirlpool of emotions.

And then suddenly you hear yourself breathing again.

The second tool is using our mind just as a tool to prosperity. We are not letting it degrading us and put limits on us. Our minds are here to expand and support our well – being and people we love.

Don’t hurt yourself with your mind.

Let’s use it productively.

“The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.” < Marcus Aurelius >

Inex 01, Inex LifeInex.Blog

Here’s what you can expect from us. Pure desire to expand and live a life that is not limited. But, the one that you can influence, enhance and benefit from. Reap the seeds and harvest later

It’s the life that has this core knowledge at its very beginning.

How does it look practical?

We have set resources in:

Harmony means the quality of our thoughts and our life is made of it. Of course, it all starts with the knowledge that we are a pure consciousness and not the thoughts that are currently running in the head.

Once we become aware we can choose what thoughts define our life and what thoughts we flush away. Easier said than done,  I know. It’s a constant practice. A muscle.

I think this is still a conscious book you can download.

Born Of Conscious Man Cover Bigger 199x300, Inex Life

Money & prosperity is the obvious thing. Just like mind inex considers money a neutral term. Not a single judgment, nor emotional attachment. Money is energy a pure tool. If there’s a slight sign of judgment, then we’re leaning towards the positive side.

Money is an energy that helps you to become a creator. Just like Wallace Wattels said:

“You can serve God and man in no more effective way than by getting rich; that is, if you get rich by the creative method and not by the competitive one.”

Health is the most important, right? Be healthy and staying healthy. I’ve added some aesthetics to the concept because we love fitness here. But, more important than aesthetics and looking good, is to actually be healthy.

Here’s the book you can download about health & aesthetics. It stands at the very core of this category

GreatBodyCover 300x294, Inex Life

Me, Martin – I am not a beast, but I work out you know 🙂

DSC 0084 300x200, Inex Life

More products will follow, this is for now



We realize it’s still not enough to give. But, we will be working on it to give you more. There’s still need for a good business course, the drop – shipping course is coming up. And our mind is now working on an application, that would help everybody to work like there’s a project manager watching them.

It’s going to be awesome!

And who knows what else is going to come…

We’re sourcing from the endless well of the universe. Just like everybody who’s conscious and is fully aware of this.

Inex Learning

Now, that we’ve known each other a bit and we know that our life is what our thoughts make it out to be, we are not shackled or limited anymore.

And we confess that everything is learn-able. It just needs time and some organized, focused energy. That’s all!

Education and self – education has become an integral part of the inex now. We share our thoughts on systematic changes as well as self – education. Self – education is, of course, more important since, it’s always more vivid to change oneself than to change the system.

We have written some articles on this topic:

Is first principle learning making Elon musk so successful

How to learn to earn more money

How to learn only important stuff for success and personal growth

List of all memorizing techniques that will help you to become a superlearner

How to unlearn old habits and learn to be successful

How to learn to become rich

Why is entrepreneur the job of the future and what this means to education

And we have this results-oriented course that expands your awareness in such an important field as education is.

Click to access results-oriented course Resizeimage 2 272x300, Inex Life

Information is not knowledge. Information is a commodity that needs to be structured, organized and piled to be used in the practice. This way you acquire knowledge. So, an information management is required to work with information that supports your scope statement – your clearly defined dream transferred into a goal.

So, we’re hoping this course is a great beginning for going that road.

This course can give you: 


  • We will build foundations of result – oriented learning in you – your learning will then never be the same. You will learn mostly for your prosperity.


  • You will be building some project management study plans – it starts with a scope of who you want to become or what you want to achieve. You will start to work from that and build your resource and use the tools to support that.


  • We will give you awesome tips in the fields of speed – reading to do your research more quickly.


  • Awesome tips in the field of memorization, so you remember easier the important things.


  • We hope to encourage on your way to lifelong learning. Learning = results = Life’s fullest potential

Inex life

We are building our inex lives.

We are masters of our own thoughts. You are not a slave of the mind. The mind is our tool to abundance and harmony.

Creation is the big part of inex thinking. People are creators, so don’t fall into traps of other people stories.

“The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself.”  < Wallace D. Wattles >

Speak your dreams and never stop looking to fulfill them. Your thoughts will give them to you and they will materialize through action. In both we can just support you, I have a clear vision!  Life is not limited, it’s inexhaustible!

We are experimentators and life –  seekers. Inex loves to explore and try new things.

With inex you will learn all your life. There’s never an end to learning. The expansion through learning is unlimited.

We learn mostly in the fiels of conscious living, money & prosperity, health, relationship. Actually, everything that expands inex life.


Hey, if anything send us an email


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Download our Learning materials to become a little bit better. 

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Born of a Conscious man (book) 

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