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What is the most unforgettable experience you had in the first six months of your startup business?

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What is the most unforgettable experience you had in the first six months of your startup business? From Quora answer 

I once started a dating agency type of business. There was an ad in a local job’s marketplace, stating that they are looking for entrepreneurial minds and someone who could setup the business in the local area. I said to myself, interesting!

I researched the company and it was one of the biggest dating companies in the world with an annual turnover of about 200$ million. They were outsourcing the recruitment of women to smaller agencies, that could make a profit from recruting, but also maintaining the service, where in the end there is a man reaching deep down into his pocket.

So, I went to an interview, it went out well, and I actually made an impression on that guy, he was Russian and I am aware of that mentality, get along good with Russians. So, I started, especially when he showed some agencies he had under his patronage, that were making 10- 40k $ a week.

So, the background of this website is that it has these absolutely gorgeous women on from mostly Eastern Europe that all want to marry a western man. That is of course just a very tiny fraction of the women involved, 95% are there for the money they can make, bu pssst you do not even think of mentioning it! Men on the site do not know that girls receive money. Men have to buy tokens with $ in order to be able to send letters, chat or even web cam with the girls. The monetization is perfectly masked under the argument that girls do not speak English too well (what is kind of true sadly), and the agencies need to employ translators. There are actually translators involved in the web cam chats gentlemen have with women.

Ok, seems a legit business right? Men pay for the chatting. How else would a girl like this

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Be absolutely desperate to talk to the old bum like this

Main Qimg Eae889508b224b52cb823388eeaf60e6, Inex Life

Oh, well money sure. But, not every freaking 20 year old chick wants to marry an old guy with money. What is funny about these old guys is that they are all super confident that every hot babe in her 20s wants to end up with an old… I do not want to be impertinent. But, the money is the most important part right, so they keep forgetting that women want rich and still young or at least still handsome guys. The site keeps makng this impression that girls want to marry these guys so desperately and they want to flee they torn, heavily bad governed Eastern European states. Every men seems to believe this old fashioned stereotype, even though even Russia is much more richer country nowadays than 20 years ago (still, it is partially true that Russian women want to marry overseas, but for the reasons, I would argue that there are not a lot of men in Russia as in some parts it can get to women : men ratio 3 to 1)

But back to your question. The biggest issue was to recruit girls of course as this was part of the process. It involved literally thousands of fb messages, random approaching of hot girls in the grocery shops, sticking ads to high schools, pitching the girls who have just reached 18 years. It was just influx of objections handling and I have profoundly improved my sales / objections handling since these young girls were obviously full of distrust and believed I wanted to trick them for white meat prostitution or what. It was a great experience and as a man I must say that it was a pretty pleasant work, although hard, since I got to meet 100s of beautiful babes and engage in conversations with them. In another hand it was pretty risky, since I was also a married man and since I had no intention to sleep with my recruits, no one’s wife would be happy about this type of husband’s job and some girls were really cute I must say.

The second issue was English. Not only I had to translate for these girls, but literally I had to write all kind of what would seem as love letters for them. This was a trigger for me, that I started to hate my job, when I found myself writting a letter to a 80 year old guy, writing to a 20 year old babe recruited by me, about how handsome he looked (and stuff that would raise his ego) when he literally looked like some type od cancer. Just sick! I just realised then that this is not for me anymore.

It also ticked me, that hey dude, you are doing something not in accordance to nature. I remember how hard was to get a babe to reply me online and I was a handsome guy. Girls get messages from guys all the time, guys from hot girls almost never! Yet they made this illusion on this site that every hot babe is after a guy in this artificial pursuit to get married for money, not for love. Maybe, that is why this business is so successful. I am a realist. Money belong to a charisma of a man, since it says that I can take care of things all right. But, not every hot young babe wants to marry an old prick no matter how much money he got. And guys, the girls are there for your money guys, not for you. Does that feel right?

But I am not judging this, it is just I could not be doing it anymore. But as I said it was a valuable experience from the point of sales. Especially, when a girl immediately called you a pervert and you had to shake up in seconds and concentrate on persuasion that this is not a dirty sexual job, not a webcam striptease or what, but a legit dating site, where you can actually make some nice side cash just by speaking to the guys.

Every business I undertook and failed I do not regret. I have failed at least 4 and my best are still yet to come. It is my second nature to build businesses and no working for a man is gonna replace this. In fact I kind of like when I fail and have an opportunity to learn something. This was really about handling objections as mentioned and understanding that I can’t do something that feels unnatural or let’s say funny to my gut. Something that does not reflect my belief system.

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