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What to do when you are bored | What to do when you are 20 years old

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Young people ask quite often – what to do when you are bored?

Well, don’t be!

Use your 20s to build up profitable you when you are in your 30s

This is what to do when you are 20 years old.

For a long time I wanted to make a video for 20 years olds. And I have a good reason for that. 

You know, you find these, sorry for that, but old when you are 20 – old guys, that tell you what to do when you are 20 years old. And these 60 years old – they might be experienced, but they long forgot what it meant to be 20 years old. 

So, hey, I am in my thirties. It’s been 12 years since I was 20, but I still remember these days, because when I look back and we all make some past reflections, I see some things that were not going so smoothly for me. And, it is still relatively fresh to me. I did not forget.

Never look back in anger though. What was, is the past. But, the past is only good when it serves us for the future. 

I believe that I am more qualified to speak to 20 years olds as a fresh 30 year old guy, who got it straight, than those 60 years old mentors out there who long forgot what it is to be 20 year old. 

When you are 20 figure yourself out | What to do when you are 20 years old

When you are 20 you are screwed. Also, when you are 30,40,50, 60…

But, in my personal experience not so much as when you are 30. When you are 20 you are still a kid. You are confused. Mature enough to question the order of things, juvenile really to take responsibility in the game. 

One of the biggest mistakes is when you are bored. Your brain goes like: what to do when you are bored? 


What is that shit anyway? At least in my 30s, I can tell you there’s no boredom. Most of us end up in 9 to 5 jobs, lose their precious hours in traffic commutes to pay off the mortgage.  

We have to take care of the kids, deal in family relations that are not ideal. I guess they are not ideal even when you have 20, but this time – it’s the right time to have your say in those relationships.

It’s time to set new borders and limits with your parents and family members. Friends get more in the background (except for the ones  30 year olds that just won’t want to grow up).

So, trust me boredom is no option and time starts to be a precious resource. Naturally, comes the question to me: 

If only I had my 20s re – engineered so they would serve me better in my 30s. 

Don’t get bored! Just don’t! 

Look at your life from every aspect it can get and self – inspect it.

What to do when you are 20 years old

As a 20 year old you don’t have a lot of money, but you got time 

I was pocket money receiving a wanker till my 24. Looking back, I had the same dreams and probably the same drive as now, but I have no means to actually start anything. I was useless.

It’s because I could not even imagine how I could make a website. I tried to check html & css, but never really had the patience to sit down and drill it into my brain. 

I guess patience is the right word to hook it up. 

It’s a bit ironic, you know. You are not patient when you are in your 20s even though you are rich on time. 

And as we progress we get poorer and poorer on time. 

I am trying to tell you that being rich on time is enough. 

Start to inspect yourself. Just like you would have you not done so and you’re older than 20 years. 

But, as a 20 year old you have a genuine time to do so, since you do not have other responsibilities. 

Take your health, physical and mental being, communication and relationships, business, habits. Make it all your priority with your 20th birthday. 

The biggest mistakes I have done or not done when I was 20 

It’s true that you only regret things you haven’t done. At least that is worth stressing here. 

Because, I did some good things that I am proud of. But, I do not regret these. 

My biggest regrets are that; 

  • I haven’t started a business early enough especially when I was in college even though I had thousands of ideas. 
  • I haven’t been more straight about asking girls out 

Business kills the most. I think I had similar thinking. Yet, I could not somehow stay with building it and nurturing it. There was always something better to do. Go for a smoke with my pals or go out with my girlfriend. Play some video games, chill, go downtown. Whatever. 

There’s a huge time wasting competition and building a business is rather hard. But, in my personal view, it is soo worth it! 

You can learn tons of skills and it can build great habits in you.  Self – discipline, time management, not speaking about selling or some expert skills like making a website. 

I wish every kid started a business, because that’s the time to do so. Even if he or she ends up being an employee, this experience is indispensable. 

Asking girls out. Not that it matters. Because I found a girlfriend who became my friend and I love her dearly. 

How many bad days could have been saved, if I just tried and went to the point with girls. I was anxious to ask her to become closer to me. I had my insecurities – I thought that I was fat etc. 

When I look back at it. My high school crush does not attract me even a single bit. But, the act  I never tried to become closer with her – it brought some much pain and anxiety that it definitely did me no good. 

Never be afraid to express your feelings. It is so dumb in the face of reality what we already know – that we are going to die one day! 

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What to do when you are 20 years old

Let’s create some synergies though. Let’s not just talk about mistakes, but about something you should do. 

On your 20th birthday you have to already have some working habits that you’ll nurture further: 

  • You are working out and have good fundamentals on what to eat or not to eat
  • In your 20s you should be on your way to building mindfulness – at least some meditation practice, focus, visualization experience, etc. 
  • You should be able to organize yourself and work on the level of some time management practices 
  • You should learn out of school. The school does teach you something and if you are studying what you really like then good for you. But, you should be resourceful with your studying – follow leaders in your field, join conferences, talk about the subject with your peers. Learn also something that you like, not what is at school only. You should learn how to learn. 
  • Build gratefulness habits – imagine your life without the stuff you love and you will appreciate your life more. 
  • Think for yourself and do not compare to others. Try to build 
  • Your currency is experiencing. So, say yes to things that won’t kill you and can enrich you 
  • If you ever felt like it – start a business. Do not judge how small it is. Even primitive. Primitive is good. 
  • Always ask out your crush. Don’t be afraid to “look stupid” It is stupid to think that you’ll look stupid. 

What to do when you are bored in your 20s? Well, maybe read this stupid article or watch this even dummer video. But, focus yourself. 

Your 20s is the time that you work on yourself so you collect the fruits for your 30s. That goes for other ages as well – in your 30s you build your prosperity for 40s and etc. 

For me personally starting business soon and focusing mindfulness habits building would bring me more blessing to my 30s.

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