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Why are I am affirmations not working for you

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I am affirmations video in case you are lazy to read 🙂

When you’re doing your affirmations inside frequency that is meant to be critical, well your affirmations might turn out critical…

A lot of people do affirmations these days and really it’s just a contemporary stance of things, I mean how old are affirmations really?

Affirmations are most of all tool – a tool to create a belief that you are desired version of you, now at this moment.

Some people are so focused on this technique that they are completely obsessed with it and they can’t miss a day without proper dosage of affirmations.

And that’s ok because one thing we can be certain of is that affirmations have to be practiced on a regular basis.

There needs to be created a habit that is going to become your second nature regarding affirmations. For this you need of course repetition, but here’s one problem we want to stress that is common to a lot of people, though it’s not being talked a lot about.

I am affirmations

I am affirmations do not work in Beta waves

People are frequencies. Ok, they also matter, but in the end, everything is moving in certain wavelengths.

Our brains are functioning on different wavelengths throughout the day and night. We’re experiencing different wavelengths when we are falling asleep, working on our emails, doing some creative work and etc.

There are five types of brainwaves that most of the coaches and practitioners work with – alpha, beta, delta, theta, and gamma.

There might be even more frequencies and who knows what the research will bring in this field.

I am affirmations in different frequencies

But, the important thing is this. Beta waves are the normal functioning, the reasoning of the brain. Most of our days and lives we’re in Beta – alertness, logic, reasoning.

Beta waves are not stable and they can easily slip into anxiety or restlessness. That’s the wave that is very easily producing the known concept of “inner little voice” that can tell us all kinds of nasty things.

The voice of Beta can be described as that nagging little inner critic. With a majority of adults operating at Beta, it’s little surprise that stress is today’s most common health problem.

And in this state, when people are in their routines at work or in mild stress of what their boss is going to tell them about the last week’s report – in this state people do affirmations.

From the setup they’ll just won’t work for many people.

Maybe someone can get on the side, on the wave that affirmations, so deeply and vividly expressed, can transcend them through reasoning beta waves into more meditative, subconscious levels, which are attributed to alpha & theta brainwaves. 

But, that’s the skill that needs to be developed first through hard working repetition. 

For most people this is ineffective and unproductive.

Just try in your best Beta mode go for affirmations:

“I am rich” – your little voice goes – No, you are not, you have 50$ on your account

“I am healthy” – No, you’re not – you have sore throat

“I have the amazing body” – No, you have seen you chubby belly in the mirror this morning. Don’t you see?

The most use of affirmations are in Alpha or in Theta (or at least to begin with)

I am affirmations

The proper way to do I am affirmations

Wake up early and take advantage of the natural state you’re in. We are in our most meditative states when we get up and this is the time where we should take time for ourselves and maybe not spoiled this moment with using blue light right away – we mean most of all using our smartphones right away.

But, some productive people even use their smartphones early in the morning and they are successful.

It’s not a rule, but if you want to take advantage of affirmations, use this meditative morning state of your and do not take smartphone in your hand right away.

Mediation and visualization are keys to developing your productive morning – creating and propelling the vision for your life.

It’s a habit to focus for 20 – 30 minutes just on yourself – breathing, being conscious neglecting the external sounds and focusing just on yourself and your body.

You can try to use Vishen’s method or especially by visualization you can use white screen technique – a technique used by Nikola Tesla.

You can check this video here:

Then they might work now…

Once you reach the light, meditative, easy state – nothing is important to you other than the insights of your being – you truly dwell in your body, then start with affirmations.

You have to check out this gateway of beta waves that are hindering you from reaching the full potential of affirmations first to utilize the power of affirmations.

Try it.

Once you’re in your alpha or theta state, completely focused on yourself in the present moment – then let the affirmations drive

I am prosperous – and there’s not inner negative voice negating this

I am healthy

I am well – shaped

We believe this is crucial to say because it’s just easy to start with affirmations in the beginning. Once you build a habit and you meditate daily, the affirmations will somehow stick to you.

It will be easier to use them even in normal reasoning state – that’s beta.

Start with this and progress up with more tools on how to build a better mind-body connection.

The well – organized and expressed life starts from within.

We’re your inexhaustible life resource – supporting you in building a better organized and expressed life.  

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