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Why is Mark Zuckerberg so socially awkward?

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Why is Mark Zuckerberg so socially awkward? From Quora answers

I would not describe Mark Zuckerberg as socially awkward as he’s a leader that clearly executed the words and acts of change. Surely, he doesn’t look like this:

Main Qimg E0176431ba097394e4533788dbdb5f6b, Inex Life

Which is by far more socially appealing (at least to me) than this:

Main Qimg 73d3a90b02af755867371f3bbe105416, Inex Life

But Mark Zuckerberg clearly falls into the branch culture where he is active at. I mean, just look at it, do these guys have to wear a suit?

Main Qimg Dbc2168292d6f17add83e5876e09a2fd, Inex Life

Why is Mark Zuckerberg so socially awkward

I believe that everywhere where you are active you should communicate you inner soul not just verbally or to put it differently, verbal communication is just a small portion of your overall impact on your career. What people are usually forgetting is that more than 60% of our bi or multilateral communication goes non – verbally. It is for that reason that you can hear from people weird conclusions that do not correspond to what you have said or you were trying to communicate verbally.

Look at this guy above. Had he chosen a different gestures than power gesture in that situation, he could have probably got away with this. Or he could have at least convinced more people about his version. People who speak the truth tend to have intentionally opened palms and look modestly.

What I am trying to say is that Mark Zuckerberg is for sure not socially awkward in his game. He would have been awkward and I am sure he’s been on a high school prom or as salesman of high end luxury product, where is it more likeable to look like abc alec baldwin kind of guy, but he’s ok doing what he’s doing.

One very nice sentence for this thought is:

Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.

If the social appealing would be heavy lifting and climbing the trees only, this guy would be social awkward for sure

Main Qimg 09fb359d9c957877425ba9e18b4ecfa4, Inex Life

Yet, making money is generally social appealing, so this guy is usually the center of the party you know.

I think that for post – modern era you have just more types of ‘social appealing’ than just good looks. It clearly needs more thought,but you have to be spreading around you something what other people appreciate and want. In another words you may be socially appealing because od your abilities that can range from how to make money and take care of yourself to living unconventional and being able to plug out from the norms of system. The point is this. You can be anything you want and convince other people that you have a point in that. You just decide and you are consistent. And you use all the tools that are available for you and boy there are plenty – instagram, Facebook, Quora and etc.

Source: Google pics

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