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Why we love nootropics

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A wise guy would have mentioned that since you are offering nootropics on this blog, well go figure – that’s why they love nootropics. No, It’s not for this mercenary reason why we love nootropics.

We love nootropics because they can enhance lives. They are not lifesavers by any means, but when used wisely they can significantly enhance it.

Here’s the list why we love nootropics.

#1 Why we love nootropics – They boost your brain power

Most of the time nootropics bring enhanced state of the mind. Sometimes they might cause brain fog and negative effects. No doubt about that. These concerns should be addressed and discussed. In my experience however I’ve almost never crossed the bad barrier with nootropics. Maybe when I drank on phenibut . This can put you into lot of trouble. Alcohol and Phenibut work on the same principle. So the effect of alcohol is multiplied – bad bad hangovers. But I am dosing nootropics properly. I have recently read a story on reddit. This guy had apparently 512 mg of unifiram, the substance that you should take maximum of 10 – 20 mg daily. What a freaking idiot! He ended up with brain damage. Go figure. But if you should take something around 10mg, ok you can cross it 4 times – as happens to me a lot with noopept.

But for sure not for 50 times more than advised daily dosage!

Nootropics will however enhance your clarity, thinking, short memory, focus or mitigate anxiety and give you energy. Fair enough to give them a shot to see whether they are something for you or not.

Why we love nootropics

#2 Why we love nootropics – more focus for studying

Students know best when they need to study for the exams. They would do anything for a little kick in brain power in order to suck as many information as they can.

Alpha GPC, Sulbutiamine, Noopept and Modafinil are becoming mainstream. The best drug for studying is to study a lot. Nootropics can however enhance your performance. With some proper diet consisted of many omega 3s, low – grain, low sugar diet combined with smart drugs, study performance can be significantly enhanced. One thing is of course placebo, that has to be taken into the account. But on the other hand these smart drugs are effective. Just look at modafinil – it’s of prescriptive nature in some countries. Noopept is said to be 1000 x more potent than Piracetam.

Smart drugs are great when you need to focus at work. It’s awesome when you need to complete an assignment. It’s great for programmers – lot of articles lately regarding silicon valley abuse of smart drugs.It’s great for writing a blog, learning a language. Learning in general.

#3 Why we love nootropics – mitigates anxiety before something challenging

Oh boy, challenging events are here! Having a presentation in front of your colleagues. Tens of them actually. Getting introduced on your first day at new work – lots of new people at once, stupid smiles and you know, all that jazz. Dating can be a huge challenge. Although it’s a game or an activity of pleasure, it can scare the hell out of you! What if my date is total failure? What if I am going to be so nervous she / he finds I am a complete weirdo.

You know that kind of regular out of comfort zone challenges. Love nootropics for that! First of all you have this “helping” feeling that you have something in you. I know this shouldn’t be much of comfort to your self – esteem. We should find it within – from inside, that we are strong, confident and stress – proof all the time.

But when it suddenly hits you, you are trying to remember your name, not to mention acting like a pro. So you can  rely on anything that helps. For me the thought  that I have something in me helps. It is somehow comforting. I know I am not invincible, but I am better off. And that stuff helps man! Phenibut or Fasoracetam help anxiety. You never had them if you say otherwise. Noopept is great for social anxiety too. It literally makes you enjoy people more. I am not saying you are completely free of anxiety – but hey, little anxiety is not that bad at all actually. It’s signalling of your body that something important is happening. And I want to be in as many out of comfort zones as possible – at least once a day. It means I am doing something.  So hey salespeople out there – have that noopept if you are having too many meetings, but start selling! Don’t just drink coffee! lol

#4 Why we love nootropics – it’s fun

If you are conscious about taking nootropics, it should be fine. Everything, if taken in high dosages, what is being misused, can screw you up big time. Try to eat just in Mcdonalds, just like in that movie supersize me. It’s going to screw you up.

Being on nootropics everyday, crossing their daily dosages – who needs that? It’s sick! The strategy is to use them when you need them. Self – discipline is the key. They are not substances that will get you addicted like hard drugs or sugar. It’s definitely a non – craving scenario.

There are times when you need to relax. Phenibut is for instance great for parties. Music feels fantastic on either Phenibut or Fasoracetam. Noopept has these qualities too. When you are going to a party, but you’re sick of drinking alcohol. It can be a nice experience to try nootropics instead. Of course you have to watch for what other substances you are going to take that day. Mixing different nootropics with Cannabis is not well documented. Mixing different substances like MAO inhibitors with Phenibut like nootropics can have very adverse effects. I spoke about mixing alcohol with Nootropics earlier.

The big message here is to be disciplined. And watch your dosages. Winners are who know when it’s enough.

It’s almost never going to be better. You had a great fun smoking that weed, but it’s not gonna be better next time (I mean at the same day). Mild stimulation, mild modulation of consciousness. This is pretty much the thesis of this blog.

Be smart about nootropics and use them wisely!

#5 Why we love nootropics – It’s a hack

This is consecutive to the previous subheading. You have to be smart about taking nootropics. It can serve as a lifehacker. It’s not a sole remedy, it’s a starter! You have to train your body and soul. We think it’s the same thing here. Eat well, workout hard, think about your productivity and self – improvement. Learn all your life and take care of your relationships, they are very important. Be good with money, be grateful for what you have and live in the present moment  – at least a good portion of your day. During these activities you can modulate your reactions with nootropics. But as always, be smart about them!

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