Write your story – take yourself first

Write your story, what does it mean first of all. This site here is about you and putting yourself first. Yes, you can call it being selfish – you will thank us in the end.

We want you to thrive, but most of all we want you to look at the success as a road – as a process. Putting yourself first – trusting yourself – success is the process.

Sir Winston Churchill said a wonderful thing:

< Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. > 

It is a courage to continue and courage to experiment and explore your life. This is your first and foremost goal – to get to know yourself. Oh yes – “know thyself” –  written in the Apollo Temple in Delphi. One explanation for this sign written on the entrance of the external Temple was  “The body is the house of God.” That is why it is said: “Man, know thyself”. In the Internal Temple, one of the many proverbs is “Man, know thyself, and you are going to know the gods”

Man, know thyself, and you are going to know the gods…

Well this is not a spiritual blog, but oh yeah we are sacred, clean creatures when we are born into this world. Children are immaculate – it is only the environment that creates bad people. Environment and reactions of the individual to that environment.

Take yourself first, because only when you got yourself figured out – you can be appealing, attractive, helping and respected by others. People will love when you are an open book  – they know what you are up to, so they can trust you. They know that you are not a snake, but an open book that is worth the trust.

First build yourself up to build a great everything (company as of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time Tomas Bata used to say). It all starts with you first. When you have something – only then you can give to others. My poor grandma, hardly having a $ by the end of a month is just not able to give her grandchildren anything since just doesn’t have the means herself (the other question is whether is not here to substitute that lack of money for other means like love, but that is on the debate).


Write your story – start with yourself. Be inexhaustibly resourceful and never stop.

Write your story because you matter

Yeah, in this life we are not born equal and each of us is bound by different circumstances. But we believe here that there is collective brain we can build and swear to it – we will never forsaken it. No matter how hard it gets, no matter what shit gets into our way – we won’t abandon this oath that we will try to lead the best lives we possibly can.

Yes, it ain’t easy. Yes, the family, yes, society, yes people around you have different expectations on you and views how you should behave and live your life. Well, cool respect them, maybe they are all good people and they want the best for you. But still make your life your way and never stop claiming that right to live under your own terms.

So what is your story? How do you figure it out? It is only up to you. There’s this technique of creating your own constitution of values – your core values,  that had helped me to figure out what I want from my life. Constitution is actually the good term, because it does give you the form – the thesis which direction you should take in your decisions. Because decisions, oh boy decisions, sometimes it is so shitty to make a big decision in life, sometimes even smaller one. How do I decide right for my life? Probably you don’t! You just need to know your values and be brutally honest to yourself. Then you take a decision upon that and you do not regret it. Keep questioning the status quo of your values though. But if you are honest to yourself and your values last ( by the way, have a written constitution please) just decide upon them and go on.

So we would say that have your constitution flexible, not rigid. Amendments could change fast easily, but if you write it once- very decently – your articles won’t change very often.

Mine goes (hierarchical order)

1. Family and creation legacy

2. Most of my time spent in a present moment without stress, cool.

3. Health

4. Financial independence

5. Adventures seeking and experiences collection.

As you can see there are contradictory things and my life is a compromise. The more self – esteem behind your articles the better. Mine is not perfect, but I am under construction and I think I will always be – exploring and under construction.

You see that on the top of my priority list is the legacy and family. Till my daughter was not born my very first priority was to create a legacy. A product or service of my creativity that other people could use for their advantage – simply they would benefit from. This is still my no. 1# goal but should I be working on this blog today or should I go out with my daughter outside? Yeah it is tricky and probably I’d have decided exactly how it is positioned there – compromised. I would write some of this blog and went out with my daughter. Probably did those two at the same time. Which is not very well indeed. It makes you a torn state (Huntington term from international affairs – remember we are still in state’s parallel, constitution and so right? Never-mind…), a divided entity that is not sure where it is heading. Well not where it is heading actually, but what is its raison d’etre (reason of being). Who are you and what is it you want from the universe? But yeah that is that. The articles of my constitution of values will change. I will have my legacy- will have family on the first place or put my family on second ( which I would not want to), but that was kind of a cruel, but honest decision Steve Jobs did when he decided Apple over obviously his daughter Lisa.

I know clearly that although I love new experiences, at this stage of my life I would abandon them for the sake of financial independence sort (It is meant like I would sacrifice a party for working on this blog). That is to be changed in the future like everything changes.

Write your story who you want to be.

Decide for yourself who you want to be and stick to it and trust yourself that you can make it.

Do you have a better plan? I certainly do not. It is all about decisions and your stances towards you. Your standards that you create in particular topics of life. You can choose that your success is to become an awesome father and that is sometimes more than shimmering millionaire proclaimed successful by society.

Figure it out for yourself and this is your biggest homework. What this blog aims to do is to support you to never stop “figuring” out and trusting yourself to do it. We know how important that is. Because life gets hard, decision- bias is everywhere and you need to do compromises in life. But there is still the time to go back to positive vibes. Hopefully, with a help of this blog to.

Write you story social animal




Most of social animals want these things in order to be happy.

– health

– money and ability to be heard and be respected from the others (some want more – power)

– money – security and freedom

–  good relationships – people you can trust and life partner of different sex (or the same sex)

That is pretty much it for adult life. Kids have more fantasy  in it. But adults…I, an adult, consider myself a creative guy, but when I want to think of creative ideas for instance when taking a shower- I go: ” money, money…”When I have sore throat or find a new acne I think of worst things like cancer or AIDS and there is just one issue – my health. When my wife is cranky with me my whole world is relationship and if some of my pals have different circumstances my head rants just about it – like it is a most important thing. I truly believe that these four circles of desires are what the adult life is all about. At least there is evidence to support it.

So we are going to write about these topics.

When you reach your desired level in all four – you are pretty much a winner in this life. How to do reach them? Set your mindset towards it and never stop reminding this path.

Mindset is the key. Your determination is the key.

The most important is to look deep down into your soul – who you want to be, Yes Arnie.



Looking deep down Eckhart Tolle style or Wim Hof if you’re a tough guy.

We also recommend nootropics on this site. We consider them high level substances. Alcohol and such we consider low – level substances (Don’t take us wrong – nothing against beer or two – but being drunk = being primitive, nootropics can give you far more). What are they? They are research based  cognitive modulators. First of all very mild, in-toxic and substances that can help you tune in to demanded performances and thinking vibes. They are not the whole story, but they can help in turning the direction towards the right direction. Of course just like with everything you have to be smart with them – just like with everything.

So remember – you matter, trust yourself and work hard towards your best life. We will support you

With respect

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