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You create your own destiny

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I tell you brother – you create your own destiny! You might say otherwise, but still you won’t convince. It is your business!

Your Life, Your Business – You create your own destiny

From the old English word “bisynesse” this word originally  meant a purposeful or meaningful activity. Although the modern  usage includes many other constructs of contemporary society,  its essence is still action. We’ve made it clear that only you are responsible for picking up your thoughts to ensure your prosperity, but action is just as critical for shaping our own destinies in our limited time. We are acting based on thoughts, aren’t we? You must absolutely believe that the responsibility to succeed and make the best of your time on planet Earth is yours alone. You must believe that you can change your reality. You are in a position of power, not that of a victim. Never succumb to the
victim mindset. You must believe that you shape your reality. It’s maybe not 100% up to you, as you have to deal with your own set of circumstances, but believe the power is within you. If you believe no matter what that you shape your destiny, then a new perspective opens to you. You are the highest determinant, the mover, the method of your world. You are God’s child. There is a huge difference in your reality when you decide to actively shape things. The doers, only they can thrive and succeed. It is you who create your own destiny.

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So let’s get busy

Business means being busy, doing something with a specific goal. If you won’t work your butt hard enough, you can’t expect to thrive and live your dream life. Yet, we’ve all heard the stories of people who won a bunch of unearned money and lost it a short time after. It’s because they didn’t have any opportunity to learn in the process. Making money is a process in which you constantly learn to get better with money or at least you hire someone better than you to look after your financial statements.Contemporary technologies have brought us so many chances to share glamour, money, success and power, and seldom are we aware of how much real work is behind different successful people. Even if they end up lucky – for instance if their first business idea becomes a start-up that ends up being sold for millions of dollars – even then we must reconcile that a real effort and action was behind that success, and they never would have ended up that lucky had they not tried.

Taking little steps

Live like forever.Take little steps toward your goals. Do them now. This is especially important since some of your goals or distant dreams may seem overwhelming. Dream big but take little steps toward it. For example, right now my dream is to program a fully eligible and streaming social site. Although with my present computer skills it seems a distant goal, I took a Java programming course to learn how to read and write a code, and with many more concrete steps I will achieve my goal. Don’t just talk about things. Take little steps towards them. Think about them, learn about them, and talk about them. Collaborate with people who share an interest in your goals; offer them your genuine interest in the topic. I admire Friedrich Nietzche’s love of learning a little bit of each foreign language. Even if he didn’t master it completely, he could indulge in its beauties. I mention that story to make it clear that I am talking about the big goals of your life – the dreams, not the little hobbies like learning how to hold a tennis racket. Rather, I am talking about doing what you have to in order to live a fulfilled life. Even distant goals need doing and the doing must begin now (even by only little increments). Be busy and trust yourself. Find your mission. You create your own destiny!


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